Semester Thoughts

This semester was really informative for me and I liked how it made me think about my existence in the world. My major is Medical Imaging, and I took this course only because it was an elective for me, but I could really see myself using this information in the future with this career, especially the health module. I mainly enjoyed the health module, because I think it had the greatest impact on me. It makes you think about who you are and what others are telling you about yourself, though they don’t even know you. I liked when we talked about identity in health and the environment. “Who we are shapes how we think about health” is a phrase we talked about in class and that especially stood out to me. It surprised me how much this rang true for lots of us.  I go everyday thinking about how I could better myself and how the things that I do could impact my health. Like when I start to fell hungry but don’t want to eat a full meal, I have to decide if I’m going to eat an apple or a candy bar. What shocked me about the science portion was how little science there is in the media. We, as humans, think way too much about what is happening in celebrities lives more than our own. If we had more science media, I personally would feel more connected with the world because I would know what was actually going on, not just what some celebrity wore to an awards show. The environmental module was very interesting and informative. I really liked learning about the different types of advertising and green-washing that those ads do. I remember after this lecture spending almost 30 minutes looking up different advertisements and labels that do act in green-washing.

Becca Roberts


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