Final blog

I think I had fun in this course. At the first day when I came in the classroom, I frozen up because I can’t find someone who from same country. I thought the syllabus was so tight and suffocating. Anyway, fortunately I think I overcame well. I cannot really participated our class’ controversy but now I can understand what they are says and think my own opinion. I used to sat on the back of classroom and watching our class. I’m really shy person so this is the way I get in my class. I observed our classmates’ selves and followed their behavior. It helped me to get in the class more naturally be part of one.
Blog works also really new to me. I never tried this system before in my country. The most problem was I have to use the English for my blog works. I’m not friendly an American’s school curriculum. I was scared that I wrote something wrong or my writing break basic rule of this class. Moreover, I really worried about making comments to someone’s blogging. What if I make hurt their feeling? Did I write correctly without grammatical errors? I had big thoughts before when I clicked submit button. Happily, classmates are don’t really cared about my grammatical errors and replied good things. The end of blog works, I felt this work helped me to understand our class lectures pretty well. It made me to review and comprehend the lectures that we learned in a week. Glad to be in this class in this semester and I really appreciated our instructors led us with passion. I learned how communication affects the environment and health, science from this course. In fact, not really 100% understood the whole lectures but it gave me more than 100% I felt.


One thought on “Final blog

  1. Never be nervous to try! Hearing viewpoints from someone from another country is very valuable for other students! It helps us to have an open mind when talking about issues that face our country. It’s awesome that your first language is not English, yet you can take a course at this level and keep up on the work. Great job!
    -Jocelyn Scott


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