Recap 2016

By: Shelby Simmons


I enjoyed this course a lot the topics were very interesting and made me have a different perception. The course topics that had the most significant impact on me were talking about media, greenwashing, and environmental beliefs. I enjoyed all these topics because I could apply this new information to my other classes. Some of the things we learned about media were completely new to me. For example like media shapes a cultures value and frames what’s important to us. Which was never truly brought to my attention like I knew the news obviously doesn’t tell you everything just what they think people want to hear but didn’t realizing the impact. Another thing that I never really thought about was green washing it never occurred to me that people plan manipulation and reflect people desires in advertisements. The biggest thing I got from both these topics is you really can’t trust products or single source for your information. To truly be informed you must research for yourself and check many resources. During class we also discussed how do we form environmental beliefs? I always knew your childhood experiences were a big contribution but I never realized the extent. For example that your childhood experiences help shape your present and future like baggage you carry through life. This hits me personally because I’m pursuing a degree and hopefully career evolved around the environment.


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