Semester Recap

The main thing I took away from this class was how I look at “health” for the longest time I thought of health solely as going to the doctor because you have the flu or getting a shot because you want to avoid getting sick in the winter.  But now I see it completely different whether it is how many people per year die of heart disease or getting clean drinking water for other countries.  How my actions can make an impact on people around the world.  I like how this class can be related to real life.  Early on in the semester we talked about the foods we are putting into our bodies.  I have made a change in what I eat, I do not eat lots of the foods I used to and I can already see a difference in how healthy I look.  I take more time to focus on the sleep I get and the food I put into my body.  I actually go to findlay market to buy my food now.  I ate tyson chicken the other day and it used to taste amazing, now it taste horrible.  I never knew how much some actions I typically would think nothing of make an impact on our world.  I do not see the world anymore as just some planet, I look at it as our planet and it is our job to take care of it.  I have go my friends on board as well, they are all eating cleaner and being less wasteful around our house.  Taking the trash out isn’t such a hassle anymore now that we are watching our habits.  I do not look at commercials the same way anymore, I can spot greenwashing from a mile away now.  I think I have a greater sense as to what is actually natural and what claims to be natural because it sounds good.  I am walking away from the semester much more informed about the world and about my individual health as well.





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