Semester Recap

I enjoyed this course this semester, I am an electronic media major and this class was a nice change of pace from my typical production classes. I personally really liked the environmental section of this course just because it is something that is of great interest to me and I enjoy learning about. But I really liked that this course was about the three different topics health, science, and environment and how they also relate to each other. I like that this course didn’t just focus on one of those and was able to learn about and experience a more wide range of topics. I think that this aspect of the course helped me to better understand the different topics we talked about in class, being able to relate them to past topics and understand the connection between them all. For me the environmental section of this course had the greatest impact on me and the things that I took away from this class, found a lot of the lectures and reading through that section interesting and topics that I had never even thought of before. For example, I did not know to what extent that our production process is damaging the world also relating to the case study we are doing I didn’t know much about the COP 21 conference that was held in Paris. Also found it interesting to what extend that a lot of the public is uninformed about science in general, myself included, and some of the steps that we can take to fix this. Finding myself through reading peoples blogs and the discussions during class wonder how I contribute to a lot of these problems and what I could do to try and fix some of them.

Cori Wolfe


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