This class has definitely been my favorite class this semester. I loved how all the information and material related to life in one way or another. The structure of the class, from the blogs, to the reading, class lectures and discussions were all interesting. I liked the fact that everyone could have a voice if they wanted to and everyone’s opinions were listened to. My favorite part of the class was the class discussion. It was so interesting to me how someone grew up could completely change their views and the information they may or may not have learned. I also liked how all three sections, (environment, health, and science) all worked well together and we could use the past information to help our understanding.

My favorite thing we learned this year was the Bhopal incident. I found it absolutely fascinating that this accident was so huge in the world yet I had never heard of it. I am not gonna lie, I usually get really bored with videos in class, but that one, caught my attention. With this topic, it was quite interesting that there still is not a definite answer on why or how it happened. I just found this topic fascinating with all of the problems, and trials that the people of Bhopal had to, and still have to go through.

The other topic I found interesting this year was green washing. I found this interesting because it is literally everywhere around us yet I had never heard of it. Especially now with everyone trying to “go green”, it is in my everyday life. The seven sins of greenwashing also helped conclude this.

Overall, I found all of this class material interesting. I also enjoyed this class all semester. Thank you for all I have learned and making this class so interesting!

-Alli Stamper


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