Closing Time

When I sat down last night and realized I had actually made it (almost…) through the semester, I felt nothing short of elated. A big congrats to everyone else for making it as well! The semester did, indeed, fly-by, but there was never a day I didn’t enjoy what I learned in this class.

As an EVST student, I signed up for this class thinking I’d be in for just another class about climate change. I panicked, of course, when I found out the first HALF of the semester would be strictly about health. I’m happy to say that this was an incredibly eye-opening module for me! I’ve taken communications classes in the past, and so the added element of Health was an interesting one for me. I loved that we were able to discuss our own experiences with how good OR bad health comm could be. I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed this section of the class.

Of course, the most hard-hitting thing for me was the discussion of how corporations can define our notions of natural, “green”, or environmentally safe. While these concepts were nothing new to me, these discussions about greenwashing tied in perfectly with some of my other classes. Not only that, but the class we spent talking about the fact we don’t TRULY pay for the things we buy had a big impact on me. Even as I work to be better about my habits so I can “practice what I preach”, that discussion reminded me that we can never know the true cost of our products, nor will we ever really pay those costs.

Hands down, my favorite aspect of this course was the interaction we had with each other in class. Even if things got a little heated, it was civil and productive. As someone who’s fairly shy, this class made it very easy for me to feel like I could share my thoughts and reactions! I learned so much from Professor Sastry, but I also learned a lot from my peers. I honestly never expected to like this class, but I’m so happy I stuck it through to the end.


Kaylin Brodzki




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