Looking Back, But Moving Forward

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class when I decided to sign up for it. I knew that I would be taking a class that I was not used to, as I am an Environmental Studies Major, and not a Communications Major. Nevertheless, I still learned a lot from this class. It was very interesting to learn about how to talk to people that have views that differ from your own, and why things are the way they are, and not so much of this is a fact, you have to believe it and that’s the end of that. We also learned that there are a number of issues going on in the world, and while people are trying to address them, they are bigger problems than many people think, and if they aren’t solved sooner rather than later, there will be an even bigger problem than we are already facing.

I really enjoyed the dialogue we had during class and that a lot of it was more of a discussion, than being lectured for an hour and twenty minutes. I also really enjoyed how we incorporated videos and media into the class and felt that made it much more interesting. I loved doing the class blogs once a week because it really put into perspective a lot of other students thoughts, as in other classes, you may never even hear other student’s takes on certain topics, but this class has an environment in which you can do that, and it’s really interesting to hear what everyone has to say about each week’s discussion.

In terms of improving the class in the future, I feel as though many students would agree in that, there should be a clearer and more defined rubric for assignments like the case study and there should be more content on the study guides for exams. Aside from that, I really enjoyed the class as a whole and felt that I really learned a lot from it. I would absolutely recommend this class to students in the future. Thanks for a great semester!

~David Bohm


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