Recapping It

I really feel like I  took a lot from this class this semester. We covered a lot of interesting topics that really relate to the world and the issues we face today. I learned that communicating about health has great importance especially how we communicate about it. I learned how important it is to read more into health information and how a lot of people just want to profit from health such as cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals. I thought it was alarming but also interesting to learn about how health became dominated by the profit motive.

I learned some new material when we discussed the science portion of the class. I found it interesting how scientists were being ignored but chose to keep it that way. They weren’t understood by everyone who wasn’t a “scientist”. The general public finds scientific material hard to understand unless it is dumbed down and made more accessible to us. The media was able to influence the general public about science based on whatever they thought made for a good story.  This allowed for the general public to alienate the scientific community and feel as if they weren’t important at all when they were.

Finally, we talked about the environment. This was my favorite topic that we discussed because it felt the most real to me. It is a relatable topic and it is a problem in our world today. We need clean air and a clean environment to survive. It was alarming to learn the statistics of people who don’t even acknowledge that global warming is happening and the intense reality of it.

Overall, I feel like this class gave me numerous good ideas. I am now more aware when I see a medical advertisement, or an ad for a “healthy” sports drink or snack. I am now abl to take a scientific study and apply it to the general public in a way that everyone can understand. Lastly, I am able to know the difference I can have on the environment. I can now realize when ads that claim to be “green” are actually just greenwashing. I really enjoyed this class and I always found the lectures to be engaging, relatable, and interesting.

-Kellie Behrle





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