Communication. It’s the imparting or exchanging of information or news. And weather you know it or not communication is a big aspect of our life. It allows us to share information tell story and trade opinions. And there is no exception when  it comes to the environment and health. In class I’ve learned about many environmental and health problems I’ve never even though about an example would be Bhopal which i can honestly say impacted me the most. And chances are if I brought this up with other people they would also be unknowing to it. But why is that? Communication. That’s why. As stated before communication can be use to share information with others. If there is none, information can’t be shared to others. But the main thing to think about is how the information is spread. There are many many different types of medians in which information can be spread. Examples are TV, Radio, Friends, Ads, Newspaper, Articles the Internet and the list goes on. Another thing to keep in mind is your audience. Who are you reaching out too. Because depending on who it is will determine the affect a certain approach will have on them. In short over the course of this class I’ve learned the importance of communication. How it can be use for “good” and “evil” and the effectiveness of it in regards of spreading information. How it varies from person to person and how it impacts others. And that in itself is something I use for years to come.
Danny Wells


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