Semester Recap

There are many things that I have really enjoyed about this class. I have enjoyed the class discussions and learning more about everyone through their blog posts, and seeing that as different as we all are, we all are in class for the same reason. I love that we were challenged to think about things beyond what we were learning. I feel like I learned a lot from this class and I’m sure everyone else can say the same. One major thing I have taken away from this class through the health, science, and environment sections, is how important widespread education of issues is. When you hear about so many people denying climate change, or being against vaccines, it is shocking. However when you think about what you learned in highschool or before that, you realize that we haven’t been educated about these things to the full extent that we should have. I hope that this starts to change as climate change becomes a more pressing issue, and it will be up to the younger generations to make the change we need. I am very glad I took this class and I would highly recommend it to people in the future!

-Madeline Howard


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