Semester Recap


Throughout this semester I have learned many things, most important probably being the fact that if we don’t address the numerous problems we discussed in this class a society, life, as we know it will change drastically. I learned specific information relating to the environment that I found staggering, as well as how the media covers this information. In particular I found it very fascinating that the media played such a large role in how most people interact with the environment.

The topic of green washing and exploiting nature for capitalistic gains also surprised me. I find it particularly disturbing to know that companies will deliberately lie to the consumer or withhold information from them just so they continue to buy their product. It’s hard for me to be able to understand how these people who make these decisions sleep at night. The Earth provides us with all of the life and sustenance we have ever known, we need to start treating it with more respect.

Another very impactful experience I had in this class was when watching the Bhopal, India disaster documentary. It was extraordinary to become aware of a horrendous incident that didn’t occur that long ago that is the result of blatant negligence. The most shocking part to me throughout the film though definitely had to be the fact that there were never any repercussions for the individuals responsible for the disaster. I truly don’t understand how the leaders of gigantic corporations can feel okay with themselves when incidents like this happen.

Another part of this class I thoroughly enjoyed was the science section when we were learning about how scientifically illiterate the United States has become. The fact that we as a country are falling behind in the fields of math and science should be overwhelmingly concerning, as those subjects are essential to the progression of life on Earth.

Being a CCM student this class definitely served as a nice change of pace from regular classes. I am still very interested in the environment son it was definitely cool to still be able to lean some things about it. Overall I enjoyed this class and would definitely say I have grown as student as a result.


-Drew Sliger


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