The End of an Era

Wow, that Semester went by in the blink of an eye didn’t it!? There were so many things about this class that I enjoyed and appreciated. I think the most interesting portion of this class for me was learning about the effects of structure can have on a person. One of the major discussions in America today is “Hey, if you work hard you can go anywhere because this is America.” Learning that there is a difference between personal boundaries and structural boundaries spoke to me. For years I’ve been part of debates or other discourses about the effects that society has on a person. Really getting down to it in class and separating the two issues and realizing that you can have all of one, but none of the other, then you will struggle regardless I found to be quite interesting and slightly sad.

Another area of the class I found interesting is how science is portrayed in the media. I think how politics can get a hold on a piece of data and swing it whatever way they so choose is just sad to me, especially when it comes to the Climate change debate. So many times we see “look at Antarctica, there is more sea ice now” but they have no idea what the science behind that means. It’s maddening to me, and I agree with Matt Mcdaniel who said “Are you fucking kidding me” when someone said they don’t believe in climate change and how it’s a real problem right now.

I enjoyed doing the blog posts and reading other people’s ideas and reactions to the same topics. It was great seeing the variety of different ways students took the same topic, and I enjoyed getting the feedback on my posts.

All in all, it was a fun year and I learned quite a bit. Enjoy the summer everyone!

-Matthew J Schiesl-


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