What I learned this semester is….

This semester has definitely, without a doubt, been fun for me.  I have learned so much from green washing, the incident in Bhopal, to hearing personal debates on science versus religion, and more.  I tend to find myself as a very open and understanding person when it comes to the environment and the problems we face but having been through this class I feel more confident in this aspect.  I feel that this class has helped me with the skill of being able to communicate these issues amongst my peers and colleagues.  Being an environmental major has always felt like a double edge blade for me because you feel like being able to understand and communicate our environments issues should be easy but then you start to realize how many people truly don’t understand or don’t what to accept the issues for what they are.  I’ve learned in this class not only on how to read the facts but how to understand them and use data to help our society.

Not only have I learned so much but I’ve been opened to understanding how to recognize more science in politics and in commercials.  I can laugh to myself when I say that now when I see a health commercial for any type of medicine, I look at them completely with another understanding.  I am a very gullible person so I tend to believe a lot at first before looking into a subject.  Now with the knowledge I have when I watch these commercials, I tend to instantly pick them apart in my head and ask what this data is based on and where do the numbers actually come from.  Something else I really liked about this class was that I never was big on before was writing these blogs.  I usually prefer just talking about the topics in a class rather than writing about them but doing these blogs has helped me see what people actually felt about my opinions.  It’s nice to be able to go through and read everyone’s opinions and see what people actually feel passionate or concerned about.

Overall I found that this class was one of my favorites.  I enjoyed the lectures, the quizzes, the blogs, and the basic structure of class.  I liked how most classes, if not everyone, had a discussion where we got to talk about how we felt and our experiences.  If most of my environmental classes will be like this in the future, I will be quite excited.

-Matthew Wurzelbacher


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