How others define health

During our first week of class there was one activity that really stood out to me and made me question our society and how others perceive health. It was the activity where we had to rank the different people with different health history or current health status in order from healthiest to least healthy. For my rankings I had paraplegic person, uc student, teen born under weight, teen who is over weight, then alcoholic CEO, then the 94 year old. When I made this list and shared it with others I though that almost everyone would have a similar or if not even the exact same order that I had. In my head I thought that there was no other order that would make sense.  But then as the class started to share their orders  I was thoroughly confused on some peoples thought process on why they had such a different order than me. Some people shared that they had the paraplegic person much farther down or they had the alcoholic CEO much higher up. In my head it just didn’t make any sense. It lead me to ask the question on how could two people have such different views on what is healthy and what is considered not healthy in today’s society. I thought maybe if I just googled it I could come up with some answer, but I found that if you go online and simply google what it means to be healthy you will find thousands of different websites stating what they believe to be the best definition of what it means to be healthy. One of the first results that comes up is on the widely popular kayla itsnes fitness blog and she defines being healthy for herself as ” feeling fit, strong and confident”. So for her she feels that health is based off of how fit you are and how good you feel about yourself. I would say that is a good definition and a good one for people to live by, but I think it leaves some questions. She says that it is “feeling fit, strong and confident” as if its just the feeling of those attributes and not actually being fit strong and confident. So one person could be 20 pounds over weight but they could still say that they “feel” fit, strong, and confident. But would they still be healthy?  So then I have another example from the many website results that popped up and it is a site called Medical News Today.  They go on in their article about how there is two aspects to health and what the true definition is to be healthy. Something they stress in their article is how there are two aspects of being healthy. And its that there is physical health and mental health. I thought this was a interesting point because when I think about health first thing that comes to mind is how physically healthy you are not really the mental health aspect about it. All in all there are so many different ways that people look at and define as being healthy. But the question I am left with and that I will end with is why? Why is it that people define health so differently? I do not think that there with ever be a answer to this question simply because of the fact that everyone perceives things differently and has their own personal outlook on the world.

-claire greve


One thought on “How others define health

  1. The outside sources you included in this post are exceptional. They really help form and enhance your argument. I totally agree with your stance on the definition of health and that it varies from person to person. I also like that you included the in class activity to further your statements.

    (Mikayla Hounchell)


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