What Food is Normal and Healthy? By: Tom Walters

Every culture eats different types of foods and has different opinions about what is healthy and what is unhealthy. In class this week we talked about how people in the united states love lobster. People will pay top dollar to go to a nice restaurant and have lobster. But in all reality the closest relative to the lobster, is the cockroach. A creature that if it is in a restaurant is called a health hazard. How is lobster deemed to be served on a silver platter and cockroaches are deemed to be exterminated the second they enter the restaurant? What makes something healthy or unhealthy? It seems our ideas of what is considered healthy changes quit frequently and every once and a while a new super food pops up and people go crazy for it. The current super food that is on the market is Kale. How did all the sudden, Kale become such a super food. What is so good about it? I decided to look up what is kale that makes it such a supper food and I got linked to an article titled “10 Health benefits of Kale” claiming that “there are numerous cancer fighting substances in kale” and filled with many vitamins and nutrients that I have never heard of. This article makes it out to be a true super food. But how long until we turn our attention to another super food that is even better than Kale?

I also was thinking about how in America, most people would be repulsed about eating an insect, show someone a video of Bear Grylls eating a bug, larvae, worm or beetle, they might lose their appetite. But over 2 million people in the world have an insect based diet. That is a decently large population even by today’s standards. To those 2 million people, eating insects is considered “normal.” Could insects someday be the superfood that Kale is today? Eating bugs is supposed to be very sustainable and a way to feed the whole world, they are filled with protein and all the good stuff you need to function. But eating bugs is considered abnormal. I agree with this, but if bugs were treated like kale or lobster and not like cockroaches, I think I would be more willing to eat them and I think other people would be more willing too as well.



About eating bugs:




About Kale:



5 thoughts on “What Food is Normal and Healthy? By: Tom Walters

  1. I remember when kale first became the new super food. My mom was obsessed with it and she made several different kale dishes, along with kale chips to replace potato chips. I hated how kale tasted and the huge buzz about how it was insanely healthy and that every had to add it to their diets. I think people are so eager to eat healthy, that when the media says a specific food is “super” healthy, everyone rushes to get their hands on it and add it to their diets. They show it off on social media and to other people so they are viewed as healthy. You also bring up how 2 million people have an insect based diet. What if the new super food becomes insects? Would you eat them and share it over social media? I think it is going to be interesting to see what the next super food is and how people will react.


  2. I really enjoyed this post and all of the insight associated with it. The kale based diet has never made sense to me, probably because of the differing definitions of normal. Quite frankly, I was not aware of the fact that a lobster and a cockroach are that closely related and when I heard this i was surprised, and I was furthermore unsettled by the bug diet which proves the point of differing norms once more.


  3. I love how you made the connection between the two subjects of kale and of insects, I would have never of thought to think about what may come to be “super foods” and “normal” in the future. Do you think this has to do with different cultures having different perceptions on what is and is not sanitary? And do you think that because of this obsession of being “heathy” that one day healthy may trump sanitary, causing for a whole new definition of the two?
    Great insight!

    -Josie Silvey


  4. I totally agree with you on this topic! I can kinda relate to you on my article in the sense of what makes something actually healthy?And what makes it normal to some people about eating bugs and then to other people its completely vulgar.

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