Adding citrus to your drinks, is it worth the taste?


After the first week of the class it made me feel a little uneasy about the life choices that I make for my heath and myself. I am the type of person that likes to drink lot of water because like any other person we think its better for us than pop, caffeine and alcohol. The amount of calories that some drinks have in them can really add up. That is why I chose water versus the rest.

Usually when I am on the go I will cut up a lemon or a cucumber and throw it in my water bottle. But why do people choose to put these items in their drinks? Because it tastes good? Or that we think it keeps our metabolism running? Honestly, I just like the way it tastes but studies are showing that is not healthy for us to add these items to our drinks. Literally everywhere someone goes to get a drink either at a restaurant or a bar they will ask if you want a lemon, lime or orange in your drinks.

The article I found talks about as a consumer we should steer clear of placing a lemon in our waters, an orange in our beers and limes in our Mojitos. Although it will make our drinks taste fresh, the citrus is covered in microbial growth. This study was taken on 21 different drinks at different restaurants. A microbial growth is how fast bacteria is growing (rapidly) and separating to make the growth happen faster. It happens when the temperature reaches a certain high. I could only imagine how it happens in a restaurant if the citrus is not placed in the refrigerator. I have never worked in an food environment setting, I am just being biased.

Although at home, I do clean my citrus before placing it in my refrigerator and keep it in they’re before cutting and placing it into my drinks, I still am going to wash it before adding it to them from now on. As the end of the article states, “You’ve been warned”, but seriously think twice before agreeing to a lemon.


You should never ask for a slice of lemon in your drink




4 thoughts on “Adding citrus to your drinks, is it worth the taste?

  1. Also lemons and limes and the such have citric acid in them, which is awful for your teeth. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis can erode teeth enamel and contribute to cavities at an alarming rate. Cucumber or fruit is better than anything acidic when added to water.

    -Jennifer Brees


  2. I used to work at a restaurant with a bar so we always had to keep lemons, limes, and oranges stocked along with some other produce like cucumbers. We would always have to wash them before they were cut, but then once they went to the bar they just sat in a bowl until they were cut and used. When I have been at other bars though, I have noticed that their produce is already cut and sitting out which probably leads to more microbial growth.

    -Jacob Fischer


  3. I use to be a restaurant manager and I always told my employees to carefully clean the lemons, limes, oranges, etc. As many great employees I had there was always a couple bartenders or servers whom wish to skip this step and just cut these items up. I know this is a different health aspect, but how sanitary is that? Well you said you like to add lemons or cucumbers to your water, right? Think about all the restaurants you have been to and have seen the lemon already sitting in the water. Hopefully they washed it!


  4. I recently heard about this problem and I was so surprised that I never thought about it before. My friend who works at a restaurant told me that lemons from restaurants are often very dirty. The part about not washing the fruit is gross, but also servers who may put lemons in the drinks don’t have to wash their hands every time before they serve a drink. The germs on their hands can easily spread to the piece of fruit, into your drink, then into your body. Yuck!

    – Chelsea Walters


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