Antibiotics Should be from our Doctors, not our meats


When class started last week I was intrigued on the question about “narratives” and what doe’s that mean? Under the circumstances of the course being focused on communicating health, I comprehended the question differently. But shortly after watching the videos on Chipotle and their message guided, I thought long and hard about what message Chipotle intended on sending. Another question that came to mind was the food we consume as a society. This video provided our class and many other viewers with explanations of why certain events happen in the agriculture industry and how narratives can transform identity.

In this specific scenario, Chipotle is intensely sending a message to its customers that they don’t add antibiotics to their meats like the vast majority of similar style restaurants that are quick or “fast foods”. Chipotle demonstrates how they don’t want to be like all the other restaurants who continue to add antibiotics, because it’s the right thing to do. While Chipotle thrives because their quality of food, other US chains don’t necessarily hold their company to the same standards. This is largely due to the poor regulations our government holds over the agriculture field. In CNN’s article it states, “Chipotle and Panera Bread fared best, with both receiving As. Those restaurants are the only two that report serving a majority of their meat from animals raised with regular use of antibiotics.” (Tinker) Many fast food chains that are highly popular in the US didn’t grade nearly as well receiving F’s because of their high volume of antibiotic meats such as Subway, Wendy’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Domino’s and Starbucks.

The UK has begun to negotiate farming antibiotics and is working to put strict regulations on individual farmer. After reading an article about Brexit negotiating tougher laws on farming antibiotics, the UK might start seeing a significant change on their public health. The misuse of these drugs in our meats increases the development of germs, diseases, and illnesses. The UK government is trying to steps in and put regulations on these farmers so these diseases, sicknesses, and deaths could see a tremendous reduction. The author brings up an alarming statistic, “One in four supermarket chicken samples contain antibiotic-resistant E coli.” I’m not sure about you, but that makes me cringe inside.

For our society to see a drastic change our governments need to ban antibiotics as well as “cheap meat” because it is only going to affect society in the long run (Which is everybody’s future of loved ones and friends).   The implementation of antibiotics is simple for individual farmers when the regulations are not followed or even worse THERE IS NO REGULATIONS! “When antibiotic medicines are over-used, for instance in healthy people or farmyard animals not at risk of disease, a higher proportion of the bugs develop this resistance, leading to larger populations of lethal superbugs.” Antibiotics being added to our meat continue to immensely illustrate how consumption can lead to diseases, illnesses, and deaths. What is it going to take to get these banned from our meats? Chipotle has taken a stand against these antibiotics, hopefully the government will to…..


Ali Danesh


One thought on “Antibiotics Should be from our Doctors, not our meats

  1. I completely agree with your argument, my mother and I were watching tv yesterday afternoon. I can’t remember the station, but needless to say the program were mentioning fillers that the FDA approves to be placed in our food. They were discussing fillers that are placed in grated parmesean cheese. Supposedly the FDA approves a little over 2% of wood fillers to placed in grated cheese so that it doesn’t clump together and have extensive self life. As bad as it seems certain companies have increased their wood filler ratios without the FDA even recognizing it.

    Companies like Dominoes almost have double the amount of wood fillers in their cheese, and when they were questioned about it they tried to argue that they had the legal amount. The programmers producers had to test these amounts in a very scientific way, but needless to say thy confirmed that even if we read the labels they can be false. We really don’t know how much wood fillers that we are consuming and how bad the effects could potentially be to our body. The safest way to avoid any of this is to simply grate our own cheese.

    It just shows that we never really know what we are eating and the effects that it could have own our health and well-being. Also, the lack of this knowledge, labels are so misleading and if we don’t google every ingredient that is listed on a label we ma be very well eating other fillers that are harmful. Raises the question what is even safe to eat?


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