Is a gluten free diet just a fad?

Within the past decade the number of people who are living a gluten free diet have increased tremendously. Approximately “1% of Americans definitely need to be gluten-free and another 5.7% ought to be careful. As for the other 93.3% of us” it would be a simple choice whether they would like this eat it or not.

Constantly new products and new restaurants are being made with a slogan about their new gluten free product which has been seen to create a new fad in the food industry. Within the past 4 years gluten free products have grown from $11.5 billion to $23 billion industry.

New websites have been created that provide facts about what a gluten free diet could potentially do for ones health. For example,some “bloggers caught the gluten fever, but once they started buzzing about how avoiding the stuff can help you lose weight, fight infertility, overcome fatigue, treat diabetes and—again and always—reduce the symptoms of autism, there was no going back.” Many people fall into this money making fad but many have no stopped to this about the potential harm in their diet they may be experiencing if the products are now gluten free. For example, if you take out one of the main ingredients in something, it must be replaced. This could cause a loss of fiber and protein in their meals and more sugar and sodium which could increase diabetes and high cholesterol. It is clear for people who have a gluten disease that when they do not eat it they feel healthier and more energetic, however, the placebo effect for this fad for a lot of people is a very real thing. With that being said it is important to become educated on what your body needs and what your body would be better off without. Just because something is labeled that it is gluten free does not mean it will essentially be better for your body


Eat More Gluten: The Diet Fad Must Die




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