Paris Climate Deal

By Ethan Whiteford


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Recently, President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China have both agreed to ratify the Paris Climate deal in Hangzhou, China. President Obama is in China currently attending the G20 summit, an international forum for the Group of Twenty. President Obama claims that the Paris Climate deal could be remembered as “The moment we decided to save our planet.” Combined, the US and China account for about 40% of the world’s emissions and in order for the Paris Climate deal to come into play, 55 countries need to sign with their total emissions equaling 55%. In addition to the US and China, India has also made plans to ratify this deal.

While this is good news, I personally have no idea whether or not this deal is going to work. When reading this headline, I was reminded of the failed Kyoto Protocol which tried to accomplish the same thing in the late-90’s. However, the US did not join the Kytoto Protocol and has now decided to join the Paris Climate deal, so things may be different this time.



2 thoughts on “Paris Climate Deal

  1. I also have looked at the Paris climate deal that was made and don’t know if it will actually have an impact or not mainly because I don’t know if the countries are going to be held accountable if they don’t hold up their end. It would be great to think that this is going to help with emissions but there are also many other emerging countries that will likely start emitting much more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well.


  2. Ethan,
    This is a good, current story, but perhaps better reserved for our Env Comm module; I’m not sure I saw connections between the story and our class content.


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