Teenage body image

Being a teenager is a very confusing time for all of us, it doesn’t get easier as you get older. However as adults we become a little more confident in our skin, but as a teenager you might as well as be walking around with your head cut off. with the strong influence of social media it is very easy for anyone to fall under the influence and pressure of change and the need to be perfect. In today’s world it is so important to have the perfect body shape, or the right length of hair and the label on the back of your shirt. It used to be that  all of the pressure was only on young girls,  but now young boys face the pressures as the girls. boys have to have the right muscle ration , the perfect hair styled the same way.

just like in the health communication, there are things that become popular in socially through the the medical world and other things do not. For example if the flu, why is it that ever ear around September all we hear is,” don’t forget your flu shot!” and that’s all we hear about until January. every year the medical companies guess on which flu strand is going to be popular, which causes them to make millions on these shots. But last year they guessed wrong so those who got the flu shot, some still  got the flu, just like the person who didn’t get a flu shot.

As well as the flu shot, we see the push of things through social media, like the trends of clothing ans even the shape and color of fingernails. It all comes down to the feeling of acceptances  by all and liked by all, even if that means changing yourself and even pushing your wants needs and interests away. A lot of teenagers have a hard time expressing   themselves or being true to themselves because they don’t want to be made fun of or looked at weirdly by others.  No matter what generation we are in teenagers will always be pressured in some way. just like in the medical community the consumer will always feel the pressure as feel.


-Colleen Wilburn


One thought on “Teenage body image

  1. This is a great article showing just how influential our social media is to teenagers. I like that you brought up the flu shot topic also because of how much of a debate there has been about it.


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