Vaccinations at a young age

By: Lauren Reinhard

Since the idea of vaccines, there has been a huge debate on their importance. A vaccine contains an agent of a particular disease and is used to build up that persons immune system. It is very critical for babies to be protected from as many diseases as possible during their most vulnerable early months of life, where the immune system can be very delicate and weak. Some parents have debated that vaccines at a young age will overwhelm the babies immune system. This idea is not true, although you can get a little sick after getting a shot, such as the flu shot, it is better to strengthen the immune system rather than catching the actual disease when you are older. There has also been many tests that have shown that multiple vaccinations at once does not compromise ones health. With all of the vaccines administered now before the age of 2, the immune system can resist up to 14 different diseases that can be caught around the ages of 12 to 13, if not vaccinated for them.

Another reason that some parents refuse to vaccinate their children is because they think that the vaccinations do not work. This common belief probably builds off of the flu shot that is administered every year. Many people that get the flu shot also end up getting sick. The difference between the flu shot and a shot for chicken pocks, or bronchitis, is that the flu shot is altered every year when specialists meet up together and predict which strand of the flu will be a threat for that coming flu season. Where as the bronchitis shot is not changing every year and is more consistent. These reasons and many more have made this topic one of the most debated topics in health today. Parents that decide not vaccinate their children need to research the consequences of it to make the healthiest and safest life for their child. With all of the studies that have been shown and prove just how important they are, it is worth researching heavily before deciding on this topic.




One thought on “Vaccinations at a young age

  1. I agree that it is very important for parents to get their children vaccinated or else it can lead to many of these diseases that are not prevalent in the United States and many other countries around the world to start popping back up in schools or day cares which can be a risk to all the other children around them even if they have been vaccinated. This would be a much worse outcome for everyone that can be prevented just by going to the doctor and getting the vaccines that are needed.


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