Waist Training: Beautiful but Dangerous

The art of waist training comes from the idea of corsets, used mainly long ago, to improve or give a more promising image of the female body. But this shortcut to curves for “beauty,” like most other shortcuts, comes with a price to pay. Health and wellness expert Dr. Tasneem Bhatia summarizes the practice as “[cramming] all of your organs together. So over a long period of time, wearing it too much and too frequently, it can cause damage too.”

Expectations of the female, and the male, body have become nearly impossible standards. I find myself continuing to blame this on technology and social media. Figures such as the one above, Khloe Kardashian, show how intense the results can be when waist training is taken to an extreme or one is worn too tightly. These images are flashed all over social media, sparking interest in women of all ages, and leading to the unsafe and uninformed practice. Not only can the rib cages become misplaced but the organs can shift around as well. Dr. Taz specifies that not only does “your diaphragm, colon, liver stomach, and small intestines [shift] around inside your body after wearing one for too long,” but also many other issues for the body may occur: such as lack of air, and heart burn. I can’t help but wonder if health has been placed on the back burner when it comes to beauty in today’s society and if so, is it even possible to stop this unreal image of the human body from escalating in the future? Lastly I am faced with the question of why do women feel so pressed to conform to society’s definition of beauty? Is it for herself, or worse, for the public?

I’ll leave you all with the words of Dr. Taz, “The side effects or negative effects can be long term or permanent, but the benefit is not.”

-Josie Silvey


Atlanta, Kaitlyn Ross WXIA-TV. “Waist Trainers Strangle Organs, Doctors Warn.” USA Today. Gannett, 05 Nov. 2015. Web. 06 Sept. 2016.





11 thoughts on “Waist Training: Beautiful but Dangerous

  1. This is was perfectly written well said, and great information It’s said to see the young women will do this to their bodies just so the have the “perfect body”, even though they already have the perfect body, their own.

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  2. This is a very popular topic discussed today. With social media and celebrities endorsing these types of products there becomes a huge interest among young teenagers to buy these products just trying to fit in.

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  3. Love this topic. Something I am always left wondering when I see these famous celebrities promoting things like this is why do they promote being confident and loving yourself for who you are but then they are out there promoting things that are potential harmful to your body but help you conform to the social norm. Just a thought that I always have when I see things like this.
    -claire greve

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  4. I’m glad someone wrote about this! It’s really interesting to actually think about and discuss why people go to such extremes to reach something that naturally, for the most part, is unobtainable for the average person. Also crazy to think that a trend many women fought to end is coming back on our fashion/social radar.

    Victoria Obermeyer

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  5. This topic has been all over social media nowadays, celebrities even advertise these and say they work. These “waist trainers” are ridiculous and its shameful that people actually try to sell these to girls that feel like they have to be skinny to be beautiful!

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  6. Reading this post made me notice that it needs to be talked about more. Why are celebrities posting pictures that are not the correct and healthy way to get to the image that they have obtained? You have made great points throughout this and I really agreed on everything you had to say!

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  7. I love this last comment from Madison. Think about the audience any of the Kardashians have for example, it’s in the 10’s of millions of followers. That is a huge impressionable audience to send out such a message of self mutilation for beauty. It’s a sad, but very real issue. How can you not be curious about a diet or exercise or in this case body shaper, when you see famous people doing it. I wouldn’t say everyone is eager to go to the same measures as some celebs to get similar results, but there is a large group that would try it out. This I believe is due to the narrative, I saw someone does something, it might have not been the healthiest option, but they had greats results. That is when people start to follow suit, regardless of the latent dangers.

    Allison Johnson

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    • Exactly! Just on the thought of the Kardashian’s, Kylie claims on Twitter – to millions of followers – that she is blessed and happy with the features and “self” that God supplied her with. But she, along with most of her sisters, have had extremes taken to change specific aspects of themselves. It is damaging to other women. I completely agree with your, Madison’s, and everyone else’s comments!


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