What is normal health?

During the first week of classes, we discussed numerous possibilities of what our ideas of normal health was. What stuck out to me was that everyone’s idea of having normal health is different. To have normal health depends on your personal situations and also what has happened with your family’s health history. Since we all are different we can not judge someone else based on how they look based on our health.

To go along with the idea of normal health, we judge people everyday not based upon if they are healthy but based soley by their look. This causes life long problems for people who are slightly bigger especially when they are younger and in school. Bullying will occur and cause depression  in kids which leads to obesity also. When we finally realize that everyone is made different. we will get over a lot of our problems. People can be so rude that we make them feel like there is no option about how they look and they will be like that for the rest of their lives. Little so they know that it is normal for you to look totally different after years past.

The media also would show an imagine of what an “ideal” body looks like. That also causes problems for people. Some people spend their whole lives trying to have a perfect body based on societies standards. It is  not necessary for us to get worked up over our image because you can pick up unhealthy habits all while trying to gain the physique of someone who you can never be.


2 thoughts on “What is normal health?

  1. I disagree with the idea of the perfect body and perfect health should be something that is not important to society. Platonic ideal of the perfect body and perfect health is something that society should strive toward instead of lowering the standard to reach more people.


  2. I think the points you made about outward appearance were spot on. Not only do we all differ in what we believe is normal health, but many health conditions are completely impossible to see from the outside and I think people need to stop associating certain physical attributes with good health or even attitude towards health. Many people will see someone that they think looks “less healthy” and make a bunch of assumptions like that they’re lazy and that they don’t care when those things could be completely untrue. I agree that the media worsens this issue but poor or ineffective health education in schools is equally to blame in my opinion.


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