Would you choose Alternative Treatment?

In chapter two the author begins a discussion on alternative medicine. She provides definitions related to the field of alternative treatments as well as things she has found that actually work such as with her garlic example and so I wanted to find some alternative treatments and explain them just to see whether or not others would try them, have tried them already, or believe its all a scam.
First things first what about acupuncture? Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that involves needles being place within your skin in various locations. It claims to restore balance and energy within your body in order to promote good health. There are supposed claims as to it helping relieve pain, headaches, and vomiting caused by chemo therapy.
What about magnetic field therapy? Apparently for centuries magnets have been thought to have certain healing properties. Magnets may not traditionally seem to cause too much harm however they can disrupt things such as pace makers or insulin pumps within patients. Certain magnetic positioning has been found to help aid in the recovery of stroke patients as well as other chronic pain and even for sufferers of gout.
How about seeing a Reiki healer for therapy. Reiki healers place their hands in various spots over the body in order to speed up recovery time by distributing the bodies energy flow. Studies show patients experienced happiness and a sense of relaxation that made them feel calm.
Last but certainly not least we can’t forget about the herbal remedies available for treatment. These remedies are composed of plants and can be taken several different ways. You can get them as extracts or in a powdered form as well as in the traditional pill form. The three major forms are Ayurvedic, traditional, or Chinese. The Ayurvedic form originates from India with the goal of balancing the mind body and spirit with the promise to promote general health as well as protecting the body against diseases. Some of these treatments were shown to have too much lead, arsenic, and mercury levels. Chinese herbals include things like ginseng and gingko and are found in varying forms including teas although heavy metals have been found within these remedies. Traditional herbals are things grown here in the US as well as within Europe. Things such as chamomile for an upset stomach, peppermint oil for preventing heartburn, or even st. johns wort for relieving depression.
So to try or not to try that is the question many are asking. I myself have been researching the many uses of garlic and feel that traditional medicines should be a go to before rushing into the doctors office fora prescription due to the fact that I feel the pharmaceutical business is just that a business.

Tymandra Amburgy


One thought on “Would you choose Alternative Treatment?

  1. I also believe that alternative medicines should be the first go to before pharmaceutical medicines. I, myself, have tired several alternative medicines such as vitamin C to boost my immune system, aloe vera for burns, peppermint oil for a soar throat, etc. Each and every one of these alternative medicines helped and reacted quickly at that. Treating your body in a natural way has rare side affects whereas the side affects to pharmaceutical medicines can be more likely to occur.

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