Digging deeper than the surface when it comes to our health


Picture from the documentary Fed Up showing the causal relationship between the rapid rise in obesity rates and fitness club memberships (data from the last 4-5 decades in the US)

I like how this class goes into great detail when covering communication about our health as individuals and as a whole rather than looking at the outside layers of a situation. For example instead of categorizing all African American children as obese and saying things like “they need to stop being lazy and exercise more” we understand there’s a greater problem at hand. This greater problem (or the base problem) is actually due to societal issues, the food environment, built environment, and media environment. These issues are also called social determinants as learned in class.

What makes me mad is how we continue to pick away at contemporary issues hoping to solve the problem(s); when we know this doesn’t work, as it hasn’t in the past. We realize that there are social determinants and other underlying factors contributing to obese children and other societal problems but we don’t do anything to fix them (we continue with campaigns and media involvement on exercise when statistically it has shown to not work). My question is why? Why and how do we not take action on trying to solve the base problem, when will we learn enough is enough?

There are a cornucopia of problems (so many words can’t even describe) and we think this is normal? Or do we think it’s just the way of things? Do we just accept the fact that 21,000 people die every day from starvation and according to the Guardian newspaper, the United Nations announced one third of the food we produce is wasted (1.3 billion tons) not because people don’t eat it but because people don’t have the money to buy it or do we think that’s normal? I guess what I’m trying to get at is from the littlest of problems to the biggest were cultivated to believe there’s nothing better we can do than what were doing now. And this way of thinking is completely and utterly absurd. This way of thinking has lead us to all of our current problems including the problem where we realize the repercussions of corporations targeting low income families but then nothing is done to solve this problem or to try an exploit the cooperation’s.

I believe true change is possible, for the variety of problems we endure (including, but not limited to, public health) and this class does a wonderful job at supplying resources we just have to find a way to implement them if we want to see a difference, which I also believe to be intrinsic when covering this kind of knowledge. What good does it do if we take time to learn some type of material and then not invoke action; just to let the information whither away? It can be hard to put into practice but something we can strive for.

– Jaiden Deal


2 thoughts on “Digging deeper than the surface when it comes to our health

  1. This is an important issue, but where do we draw the line between public responsibility and personal responsibility?



    • I think both are very necessary and should work in conjunction with one another to obtain maximum well being. But todays society focuses more on the individuals fault and ignoring the fact that we live in a corrupted system.


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