Gaming; Good or Bad?

So in class we talked about how video games kept kids indoors and off the streets keeping them safe all while also contributing to a gain in there weight overall. My thought was how do we outweigh the good from bad when it comes to these video games and also who really cares. I guess we could do a good ole fashioned pro’s vs cons list to clarify this issue further and then decide whether we care later for the blogs sake. We will start with the cons and move to the pros from there.

The following are possible cons; exposure to violence, possible links to a limited attention span, loss of interest in other social activities, social isolation, exposure to cyber bullies (also known as trolls without gemmed belly’s), and of course decrease in physical health. In my personal opinion I feel that an exposure to violence is an unavoidable part of life and might even be a good build of strength mentally for our species as long as not too gore induced or exposed at too young an age. I also feel that our entire set of technologies is a test to our attention spans and in a world where multi tasking is king it may even be needed. As for cyber bullying I think for some this can be a bad exposure but only because people need to learn to let things they can’t control within others go. No angry little person should make an impact on your personal bubble so to speak, especially with the knowledge of why you may not act as so yourself. The cons I do agree with would have to be the fact that people can exhibit an addictive behavior to such activities which causes them to incur a loss in all other social realms of life leaving them with a to do list that just gathers dust.

Possible pros; It can improve ones concentration as well as memory function. There are also simulation games like flight simulators that actually do mimic the real thing. It also teaches valuable lessons in perseverance and patients which everyone needs more of. Of course we can’t forget lessons in strategy, accuracy, and quick thinking skills along with situational awareness skills. I have to say as a person who plays games when afforded the time, such as during summer months, I would have to agree with the advantages listed. I feel although not an exercise for the body its like an exercise for the mind definitely.

So as you can tell I am a gaming advocate. I do personally believe that there are more pros that cant be disputed then there are cons that can be. With that being said I do believe that people still need to remain physically and socially active. I may agree with gaming but not with product obsession. Hopefully as more research comes out we will be able to highlight more reasons for gaming as I really need some kind of doctors excuse that would allow me the time to game myself these days. Let me what you think. To game or not to game that is the question.

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6 thoughts on “Gaming; Good or Bad?

  1. Cool topic. I have to say the pros vs cons list is probably the most efficient way of comparing physical health to video games. Addressing the pros, a huge part of video games as a whole involve sports, couldn’t you argue to some degree that video games in fact increase outdoor behavior? Kids would want to both play the game both indoors and outdoors, which encourages physical activity for the community it being a “team”. In some parts of the world, and even here in the US, video games are considered a “sport” of sorts, players get money compensation; would that absolve people from engaging in physical activity? ignoring their health in some sense.

    Chandler B

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  2. Like any type of vice, I think the effect depends on the individual and moderation. Personally, I was never into video games but my roommates are always playing them when I get home. They are on separate computers but they have head-sets and they play with each other and other people they know, so to me it seems like it could be a form of bonding.Video games are definitely large parts of some people’s lives but I think you can still be healthy and happy while being a gamer.

    -Katie McNulty


  3. People have been discussing if video games are good or bad for people since they were introduced to the market. I Think it will be a debate that will exists as long as people still play video games. I think as with anything, balance is key. If you only play video games in your free time, get all your work done on your to do list, and exercise every once in a while there is nothing wrong with playing video games. All the pros can be pros as long as you are not playing video games 8 hours a day, every day!

    Tom walters


  4. As with most things, I don’t think we can catagorically call it good or bad. The key to optomizing the positive benefits and minimizing the negative effects is moderation. Gaming in reasonable healthy doses can improve your mental accuity and disposition, but taken too far and you can run into addictive behavior, sedentary lifestyle, and neglect of other responsibilities. As with, soda, junk food, working out, facebook, whatever, the key is moderation.

    Dylan Nourse


  5. Like all things video games should be played in moderation. With many of today’s gamers suffering from poor eyesight, hearing loss and possible carpal tunnel gaming has it’s health risks just like any other activity. I for one like to play violent computer games from time to time and have learned a lot from playing them. In the game Counter Strike Global Offensive, you learn teamwork and communication skills in trying to obtain an objective while strengthening your reflexes and basic computer programming skills. Gaming also can create community between other players and help with overall mental health. Needless to say you are right about pros and cons with gaming. One shouldn’t be playing for eight hours a day but playing games shouldn’t be viewed in the negative light that it is viewed in 2016.

    Grant Moss


  6. I happened to listen to a podcast not too long ago the topic of which was “Do Video Games Promote Real-Life Violence?” and it definitely influenced my opinion on if they do or do not. I personally feel that video games don’t have that much of an influence on violence. I believe that violence in life stems from chemical imbalance in the brain or social disorders, potentially undiagnosed.
    Part of my reasoning is personal, because not only am I a huge fan of video games, but most if not every one of my friends since about 7th grade has played either Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or Halo. None of my friends, or even friends of friends, family members of friends, not a single person I’ve ever met has had a violent temperament or developed one over time. I just honestly think its a very weak connection and its almost like grasping for straws because mental health has such a stigma attached to it in this country, that its easier to blame a video game rather than inadequate treatment options for mental health.

    Carly Dovale


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