Health care and Media, Good or Bad?

This past week in class we discussed the impact of the role that media plays on our health care system. Like anything else media gives advantage and disadvantageous in the way we view health care. likewise health care companies are cashing in on this new playing filed, media. There are dozens of aids on TV and internet, claiming something specific that one braid does over the others. We, the consumers, fall for it every time, now if, what these companies are claiming to be true, actually works, who knows, we wouldn’t hear about it until its on the nine o’clock news, for its negative affects. Another benefit to media being apart of health care, now people can contact their doctors through apps and messaging system, for simple diagnosis, such as a cold. the doctor or nurse can respond in a timely manner to the patient, saving time for everyone. Nightly news, is a great source for the public to get medical information, good and bad.Every year around August and September we start to hear about what strain of flu is most likely to be popular this winter. We see an every growing push for flu vaccinations, from the news caster. There is also an inflects of TV commercials form the local drug stores reminding us to get our flu shots, before it is to late in the season. However there are some negative sides to media and heath care working together. There are a lot of people, like myself, that uses the internet as their soul data base of research to try to diagnose themselves. This is a problem because a lot of illnesses are very similar to each other, that only a doctor can see the difference between them. Another issue with the media is that sometimes the information that is presented to you is not very well researched, or even made up or misunderstood by someone. In lecture we also disused the issue of “Disease Framing”, where media takes a disease, or virus , like the flu and uses mass media to get as much information out there for everyone to know.  With the growing use of media in our world, health care has a newer and bigger platform to reach everyone. Are there positive and negatives to this, yes, the same as everything else, people need to learn how to take everything at face value and not blow things out of proportion when there is no need.

-Colleen Wilburn


2 thoughts on “Health care and Media, Good or Bad?

  1. Like you said in your post, the media can defiantly be beneficial when it comes to public health. Warnings can be sent out very rapidly about certain public safety issues and reminders about seeing the doctor. One thing that I didn’t see in your post though was the problems with advertising medications on TV. Many countries throughout the world have banned such advertisement’s. The reasoning behind this is that there is no evidence that actually suggest that these advertisements improve treatment quality. In fact evidence actually shows that these ads lead to more prescriptions and less appropriate prescribing which obviously is bad because if leads to more money being spent but no actual benefits.


  2. I agree that the media can be good and helps to get a lot of important information out to a wide range of people. However, when it comes to your health and your healthcare it is always important that you go to an actually doctor for a checkup or see them if you have a problem or concern. Self-diagnosing could potentially turn into a big problem if you diagnosis yourself incorrectly or try to seek treatment on your own. That’s why it;s important to go to the doctor regularly and always listen to what they have to say and not the media or your friends because they are the professionals.

    Jacob Fischer


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