Hillary’s Health

hillary-clinton-laughingIn today’s world, Public Health is becoming more and more of a necessity. Whether it be through vaccinations or disclosing pertinent health records to the public register. As we have learned in class, many Americans choose to not consent or share this important with the public record for many reasons. Some reasons that individuals may keep this information away from the public are religious beliefs, the impact they might have on health insurance costs, how they might impact relationships and in the case we will be discussing today; the impact of poor health in regards to employment.

Over the past several months the health of the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been questioned. With republican nominee Donald Trump demanding that she release her medical records to the public. For reasons unknown to the public, she has chosen not to share that important information that has a strong possibility of swinging the election against her to a candidate who has the ability to make decisions with a sound mind and a sound body. Yesterday on the fifteen anniversary of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, Hillary left an appearance that she was scheduled to make in New York City due to unknown medical reasons. Hillary claims to have just overheated and left the appearance early so she could visit her daughter’s home in New York City. In this link you will see Hillary shaking and stumbling on her way to get in a vehicle while being helped by her staff around her. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM1nuUjaeHs). While overheating and collapsing is a normal occurrence that has happened to many people (including me!) and it being the hottest recorded summer in a very long time, her collapsing definitely brings a bit more wonder to what is really going on with her from a medical point of view. While her collapsing seems to be an isolated instance, Hillary has broken into coughing fits on stage lasting minutes on end with what sound to me like mucus and phlegm filled coughs. These heavy unhealthy sounding coughs can been seen most evidently in speeches give in Cleveland on labour day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UEY9mMFvQg) and in New York (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C12ZvOJNfs). While the coughing fits could be due to a number of reasons, in my personal opinion the coughing sounds to be either bronchitis or pneumonia. Both normal illnesses, but when paired with sudden collapses and an unwillingness to disclose important medical information, one could see why the public begins to worry about her health.

In conclusion, when electing a public official, it is extremely important to know about the health of the candidate in order to make a decision whether that particular is of a sound mind and sound body and can make important decisions that have the possibility of affecting not only many Americans but citizens of the global community as well. While candidates have been questioned of their health many of times through out the presidential election process, it is important that the candidate share what is truly going on with them medically before assuming a role as important as the leader of the free world. While one of America’s best leaders was in office, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he hid the fact that he had polio and was bound to a wheelchair from America and the world and was still able to accomplish extraordinary things while in office. Unfortunately we live in 2016 and not 1940 and it is almost impossible to hide a crippling disease from the ever plugged in public. In the name of full disclosure and general public health; Hillary Clinton, PLEASE release your full health records so that the American people truly know who they are choosing to elect as their next president.


Grant J. Moss

3 thoughts on “Hillary’s Health

  1. yes yes yes! I agree with this so much. This election is already challenging as it is and the hidden records just add another layer to the whole situation. It is so important that we know who is going to be living in the White House; from both a personal and ideological stand point. If Hillary happened to release her records and there were negative things to be found, I think that her party and her pledged voters may have a change in heart, or may struggle with the idea of giving her their full vote and support. With that being said, it is important that we should exercise our rights as Americans and fully know who we are casting into the presidency, even by examining the well-being of the candidates.

    -Mikayla Hounchell


  2. In my opinion I feel like that is considered personal information and they should not be criticized if they choose not to share. I feel like if there was a serious health issue with the candidate that they would not be running in the first place.
    -claire greve


  3. I don’t believe political candidates, or anyone in the public eye need to release their health information. I would hope anyone running for the president of United States would be responsible enough to decide for themselves whether or not they were healthy enough to run the country. Most candidates are older in age but I don’t remember the public asking for John McCain’s health records when he was running, and he is older than Hillary Clinton.

    -Katie McNulty


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