How do people survive without health care?

Key Facts About Health Care

As of 2006, most American’s get their health care coverage through their workplace. That is only about 60 percent of American’s, but what about the rest? They are covered through Medicare or Medicaid, that then covers the next 30 percent, so what about the remaining 10? I am sure that people that have health insurance like myself use it for annual physical examinations. The basics are covered, your vitals so like blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature. Next, general appearance so by how much you weigh and you keep yourself together during the appointment. Finally, the lung and heart exam; so if there is an irregular heartbeat, heart murmur or another trigger if there is a heart disease. The lung exam includes listening with the stethoscope if there are any unusual noises and breath sounds that would lead to lung disease. Then if you are a man or women it goes into greater detail.

The reason for health care is prevention. If someone is aware of their health, they will be able to prevent illness and disease. Although, the annual exam most likely wont figure out if something is wrong with someone, but it will help draw the lines if there is something wrong. The doctor is there to detect if there are any signs of something that is wrong within a certain exam and then they will go to a specialist if there is. So what happens to the people who are not insured and have health conditions?

People who do not have health insurance have been going to the emergency rooms to seek help for little aches and pains. For example, a under treated cold. Like bronchitis or an inner ear infection. People are spending hundreds of dollars to get a simple treatment that is well over done. America needs to do something to make sure everyone is getting the coverage they need so people can get proper treatment. The solution that is nationwide is the ACA, the Affordable Car At. It has expanded the coverage for health care for people who cannot afford it. The ACA has helped to lower the number of uninsured Americans, but monitoring coverage changes, coverage affordability, and who is left out of coverage expansions is still important. People who are unsure of the cost of insurance need to make sure they are informed about this and to be more aware of how people who need to be treated can be treated and not let money be an issue anymore.



One thought on “How do people survive without health care?

  1. I think it is interesting that even though prevention is very often cheaper than care for a disease or other ailment, people avoid going to the doctor. Yes, some people think that the problem will go away or is only temporary, or they are in denial it is there because it could be something really extensive. Also, some people just don’t want to pay for it if there is “nothing wrong.” This is a flawed way of thinking, though. Healthcare is there for us to use it, and if we avoid it, it only gets worse with cost to ourselves and cost to our community. Even if someone isn’t experiencing or noticing anything different, a doctor might have a different perspective and be able to pick up on something that could be worse later on. It is better to know nothing is wrong than worry that something is wrong.

    Are there people who are still not insured under Obama Care? Or is that even still a thing? I do agree with you about the fact that healthcare is important, and annual visits to a regular doctor and not hospital emergency rooms, but I am confused on what you are trying to tell us. Could you expand on your last paragraph?

    Annelise Wilimitis


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