The Importance of Non-Profits and Charities

Erica Bock

While it was discussed briefly in Roxanne Parrott’s work, “Talking About Health”, the importance of non-profit organizations and charities in our community has been truly verified by her writing on the subject.

One issue that was specifically brought to my mind was the fact that citizens seem to both get angry at the government for not assisting the welfare of the people as much as they believe they should, as well as feel the need that the government should play as minimal of a role as possible. Regardless, the government is not the only source to communicate and provide healthcare for America’s population-not for profit organizations and and charities carry the bulk of this weight! While organizations such as the CDC, Veterans Affairs, and certain health clinics may be funded and operated by the government, many resources most of Americans use are those from NPOs and charities. Thus, I really feel it is necessary to bring to light the extreme importance of these organizations to our well-being as a society. For example, most hospitals in the Cincinnati area are affiliated with a religious organization, thus allowing them to be able to save lives without the usage of government funding. Another example are the religiously funded homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Cincinnati. People from certain religious organizations noticed a societal problem caused by the alarming number of people who are homeless or impoverished, leading them to be driven by faith to create these life-saving and “pokery-decreasing” facilities without the use of government funding. However,religious organizations are not the only source of non-profits and charities in the Greater Cincinnati area. Other’s are funded by small special interest groups, individuals, or even large companies. Examples of these would be The Dragonfly Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. After reading Parrott, I have concluded that the main reason for the abundance of non-profits and charities is closely related to the fact that it allows the common people to play a larger role in public health communication than would the government. Non-profits are not only more relational due to their often emotional background stories, but they are also extremely immediate, personal, and accessible to the individuals they serve.


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