What Influences Our Communication?[Blog 2]

Many things can influence how we communicate with our health provider. Some of the variables can range from our religion, what our morals are, what our insurance company provides for, and how we think we may be treated differently by our health provider, whether it would be our insurance company or our pediatrician/doctor.

The way we were brought up from our family does have a somewhat of an impact on our morals. And our morals might stem from a religion that we were brought up on. Depending on some circumstances, a man or woman may choose to withhold information from their health care provider due to their religion. One might feel wrong admitting to doing something that is against what they believe in or what they are told is right an or wrong. For example, a man may not tell his doctor that he has smoked marijuana or a woman may not tell her gynecologist that she has had sex. Withholding these types or any type of information from a doctor may hinder how the doctor diagnosis you or how your check-up goes. Doctors are not there to judge, but to help their patient first and foremost. So being open and honest with him or may will benefit you and your health.

Another place one might withhold information from is the insurance company. Most insurance companies will not pay for certain expenses unless they are dire, for example insurance may not cover the cost of an ambulance ride to the hospital unless they are in critical or in a dying condition. Also, insurance will make you pay more if you are doing something that is harming to your health. I personally know this because my mother works for an insurance company and she had to pay more for her insurance due to the fact that she smoked. She recently has been a year free of smoking and her insurance cost has gone down due to the fact of her being a non-smoker for a full year. She easily could have lied about the fact that she smoked so she would not have to pay for such high insurance. People may withhold these types of information from their insurance provider so they will not have to pay as much, but the reason for a major penalty may be a main reason as to why they will tell their insurance provider.

Growing up, many parents, parent, or legal guardian might use the same pediatrician for all of their children or relative they are caring for. Being so close to this doctor may be another reason as to why we may choose to keep certain things to ourself. We may internally believe that the doctor is judging us or that they might even tell our siblings or parents, even though they took an oath saying they would never do that. But there is always still that thought in the back of the mind that that might occur.

So overall there may be certain circumstances for a person wanting to withhold certain pieces of information that they might think matter, when in fact that is not the case and we should attempt to get out of the mindset. Be honest with our health care providers may be a life saver.

  • Tarah Klenk

2 thoughts on “What Influences Our Communication?[Blog 2]

  1. Lying to your insurance provider will usually result in a denial of coverage if it is related to the condition. Honesty is the best policy when dealing with your insurance and health care providers.


  2. My mom works in insurance as well and I’m sure she’s had to face the higher cost of coverage due to health issues within her client pool. I also agree that honestly is the best policy when it comes to situations as such because what happens when the truth falls out? And it always does. Paying a little bit more for insurance because of honesty, in the long run, may be more beneficial than lying to receive a lower rate and then paying for it, even more so, in the future.

    -Mikayla Hounchell


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