What makes getting help not so scary?


“Not taking action or delaying action for health can put us at risk”.  Seems like a pretty obvious statement. You would think that if you feel pain or sick you would immediately seek treatment to find out what the cause is and how you can treat it. But that’s not always the case. Sure there are the people out there who might not be able to afford the treatment so they try to just proceed with out help. But then there are people out there that definitely do have the money to be treated that don’t. Take my mom for example, about a year ago she had some serious pain in her rib cage area. She refused to go to the doctor to get it treated and she insisted that all she did was pull a muscle. So for about two weeks I would listen to her moaning in pain. I told her many times she should go to get it looked at but for some reason she refused. I said that if the pan was that bad she could at least go get some pain medication if it really was just a pulled muscle. She still refused.  She was convinced that if she just came home and rested with a heating pad on it it would eventually just go away. Well there we were two weeks later and still in pain. So finally because she just could not handle the pain anymore she goes to the doctor. Lone and behold its not just a pulled muscle its a small fracture in her rib. She was lucky that it didn’t get worse because of her delaying treatment. It most likely would have gotten much worse. So the question is why. Why didn’t she seek help the moment that she experienced pain. It seems like common sense. But in reality there are many reasons, and its not just because money is tight. I found through research that a large reason is fear. Fear of the unknown. An article in the New York times discussed some of these fears. They talk about how many have a fear of hearing bad new, fear of uncomfortable tests, or fear of discussing something personal or intimate. I would think that these fears are worth overcoming in exchange for some type of cure. But that’s just not the case for some people. Why is it people just choose to silently suffer rather than seeking help. They mention a lady in this article who discoverer a lump on her breast five years ago and it wasn’t until she was dying of breast cancer that she went to a doctor. Its sad to think this women had the chance of surviving had she gone to get the lump examined as soon as she discovered it. Yet another case of fear. She probably new what the bump was but out of fear of the diagnosis she decides to ignore it. I am left wondering what kinds of things could be done to make seeking treatment more appealing to these people with a fear. What makes getting help not so scary?

-Claire Greve

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2 thoughts on “What makes getting help not so scary?

  1. Another reason for not getting care is finding the time to actually make it to the doctors office. I know i find it difficult to schedule a doctors appointment especially when the doctors office provides very limited times that are weeks out.
    Tony Doll


  2. I personally usually wait till the last moment to get something looked at. As a former athlete most new from the doctor is never good. They usually force you to do something you don’t want like physical training or taking time off. There for you become scared of what they have to say.
    Malik Johnson


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