Body Image

By: Lauren Reinhard

For many teens today their weight is something they’re the most uncomfortable about. Body image for young women and even men is a huge issue for todays youth. The idea that you must be a size 0 to be considered skinny is ridiculous. It has been created by social media and celebrities that if you aren’t as skinny as them then you’re over weight. It has created a huge dilemma in todays society that is causing young girls to starve themselves or even get depressed about their weight. In reality some bodies are not made to be  size zero so some girls can never reach that size. When you are in high school many people are the most uncomfortable with their body and themselves. This means that trying to fit in at these times will be the most important. Most teens are sensitive to peoples thoughts and what people will say about them.

There has also been changes in sizes. I saw a Facebook post that showed three american eagle shorts over a span of 5 years. The pictures of the shorts showed that comparing each year the size kept getting smaller and smaller to the point where the size zero in 2000 was a size 2 in 2005. If companies are making there clothes smaller and smaller, teenagers will begin to thing they are getting bigger and bigger when really they are a normal and healthy size. With the problems that teenagers have faced with bulimia and anorexia it should be a concern of clothes companies to help them feel confident and beautiful. I remember learning in my latin class that if you were plump or “fat” in ancient times it meant that you were wealthy. Somehow times have changed to shaming others if they are a little overweight. I think instead of shaming others we should help anyone feel comfortable in their own skin.



2 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. I think it is ridiculous how women become uncomfortable with their own body because of how our world defines “skinny” or what we believe is “fat”. This negative imagine that is seen via social media and digital media definition of these words creates every individuals perception of how they look. The world itself creates these disparities for women to get embarrassed of who they are.


  2. I think your post is really interesting! I was just seeing the same kind of video on my Facebook page and had the same kind of questions. Overall I think our generation is becoming a lot more aware that health isn’t defined by a number but we still have a long way to go! The construction of how healthy a person is by the way they look over time and how its evolved is also really interesting, I learned a bit about this as well in an art history class!

    VIctoria Obermeyer


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