How Americans Spend Their Day

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the country is doing while you’re doing what you are doing? Have you ever felt lazy or unproductive and you feel like others are passing you up in life? Take a look at this chart and see the averages of what Americans are doing at the different hours of the day.

The first thing that I noticed about the chart was that we spend a lot of time sleeping. It’s a colossal portion of what we do. There’s obviously certain designated hours for sleep, but we sleep all day. We technically do everything all day at some point.

The second thing I noticed about the graph was that we actually don’t work THAT much. I figured that we would be working quite a bit, but that is not the case whatsoever. Work/education do take up a bit of the graph, but not nearly as much as I expected. That makes me feel a bit better about myself when I’m snoozing on the couch in the middle of the day.

The third thing I noticed about the graph is that we don’t spend as much time on personal care as I thought. I figured with a shower, brush of the teeth, nose trimming, etc. we would spend a lot of time on personal care, but I was wrong.

The fourth thing I noticed about the graph is that we hardly do anything but sleep at 5AM. Apparently, there’s not many people who actually work the night shift. I imagined that there would be quite a few people either working or getting ready for work at 5AM but that wasn’t the case.

The fifth thing I noticed about the graph is that a lot of people skip breakfast. No one seems to be eating early in the morning. There is a very big amount of people eating lunch and dinner, but we are skipping out on the most important meal of the day!

We seem to like socializing and performing household activities. I love doing those things, so that did not surprise me whatsoever.

I also understand why traveling is such a big deal too. I drive so much every day and it gets annoying but it has to be done. Even walking from place to place can take a long time. Especially on campus.

If you’re feeling lazy or out of place, look at this graph. If you want to be better than others, work more. Plain and simple.


Jensen Harris


4 thoughts on “How Americans Spend Their Day

  1. I know that for me, I definitely see my colleagues and peers working less and playing more. But I happen to be in a group of friends that all bartend, so they don’t have to work a normal 9-5 to pay their bills. The only caveat to that are the hours 9-4 AM aren’t conducive to doing much else but sleeping during the day and then partying when you get up. Also their aren’t any benefits more often than not.

    In the past year I made a resolution to treat school like a 9-5 during spring and fall semester and to work out an hour 5 days a week. And I think having more structure is actually really helpful. Yeah it kind of sucks when its nice outside and I’m doing homework but I rarely feel like I’ve gotten behind on my work and when the weekends come I don’t feel guilty spending time with my friends or sleeping in a few hours.


  2. I am very similar in this way. I don’t work night shifts or early morning shifts because I really value my sleep! Some people can run off of less sleep and therefore work the night shift or early morning shift. I don’t believe that those of us who get a sufficient amount sleep are lazy, I think that ties into the personal care aspect. I am 21, so getting 8-10 hours a night is the healthy thing to do at my age. I still get things done, work, and am productive even though I get a sufficient amount of sleep every night. Also, skipping breakfast is not something that should be done! If you are trying to take care of yourself and possibly lose weight, skipping breakfast is not the way to do it! Good topic.


  3. The graph is surprising to me based on how I live my life. I figured the amount of time people spent on work would be lower than anticipated. However, I wonder how much these statistics differ compared to the rest of the world. Personally, my father is from Iran and I feel like the man never takes a day off ever. I knew that sleep would be a high priority on this list, but personally I don’t sleep enough only getting 5-6 hours a night. This definitely takes a toll on my body though because the average night of sleep sounds fantastic! As far as a high percentage of people skipping breakfast, I never understood this. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If I don’t eat breakfast my mind doesn’t work correctly, so I would encourage you to start eating breakfast you could see beneficial results.


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