Smoking Cigarettes and the Anti-Smoking Campaign

Ever since I can remember, I have been told not to smoke cigarettes.  I have been told that they will kill me. I have been seen a smoker vs. non-smokers lungs in health class.  I have seen smokers stained fingernails and smelled how awful an indoor smoker’s house stinks.  Assumingly the majority of my generation has experienced the same thing.  Yet people my age still smoke and for some reason, sometimes smoking still seems to many like something “glamorous” “edgy” and “cool”.

We all know smoking is a highly addictive behavior that can harm not only you but others around you, yet I still have plenty of friends who smoke whether that is regularly or only when they  are intoxicated.  Where did these habits start?  If we knew how bad they were for us in the first place why are we still so tempted to try “just one”?

I see anti-smoking campaigns trying to stay hip and cool by trying to keep up with what most media outlets know sell: cats.

The first time I saw this video I couldn’t help but cringe.  It reminded me a lot of Hillary Clinton’s twitter; something that was obviously trying to appeal to a younger generation but totally missing.  It is just trying too hard, trying to be too relatable.  Honestly, who even uses hashtags and why haven’t advertisers caught on that they really just age their product?

Campaigns that were once either informative or something that simply used fear to drive us away from smoking have seemed to become something that is more of a try-hard attempt at relating to millennials than anything else.  Hopefully, they get new writers or maybe get input from a younger generation.  It would be interesting to see the perspective of a teenager today of anti-smoking campaigns versus what I once interpreted as a powerful, serious message.

Victoria Obermeyer





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