The health condition that is Americas biggest concern

Like we talked about in class, education on health issues is something many people do not have or are misinformed about. Cancer is said to be the most concerning medical condition in America. This is because of how informed and how much cancer is talked about in the public. Many Americans don’t understand what the Zika outbreak even really is. Also, many young people dismiss the fact that certain things can happen to them if they are not careful, like STDs. Many people are affected by cancer starting at young age whether it’s personally or they know someone else who was affected by it they still become aware that it is out there. They start to take precautions to prevent cancer, however, many people don’t take the simple precaution of wearing a condom.”Cancer — more so than obesity, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even infectious diseases, such as Zika, Ebola and HIV/AIDS”. In the early 1900’s people wouldn’t even say the word cancer they would refer to it as the C-word.  It is very important that people get educated on what diseases and illnesses actually are and what steps they can take to lower their risks or help prevent from getting certain things like Zika. Many people are unaware of what it is and, “only 3% viewed the Zika virus as a significant health care challenge”. It’s important that we as Americans start taking the steps that are needed to become educated and aware of what words, health issues, and other problems are happening in the United States.


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