Too Much Stress?

I’m sure that, at some point in time, most of you have had an issue with or been interested in if the amount of school work that is being placed on not only college students but on young children as well, is bad for the health of an individual. Over the years it has been found that the amount of homework for all age levels has drastically increased.

Is this a bad thing? Some may say that it helps to build responsibility, time management skills, and even help to prepare students for “real life challenges.” But my opinion is a little different. Although, I do agree that homework and studying for class is 100% necessary and does teach basic life skills that everyone needs but I do believe, some schools, have taken it too far. Especially on young children and high school students.

Studies have shown that too much school work can affect individuals in multiple ways, in and out of the classroom. This can be anything from home life, to athletics, to even decreasing average ability to perform well in the classroom. CNN states that, “fights and conflicts over homework were 200% more likely in families where parents did not have at least a college degree.” This shows that most children may be learning things that even most parents may not have learned as children. Which is okay when talking about new, or better, forms of practice in school. But for example, in my household, when I was in high school my parents were not able to always help me with my studies. They would make comments that as an eighth grader I was learning things they didn’t learn until high school. Aside from issues in the family, this could also set children back from playing a sport that they enjoy, spending time working on social skills, or even being able to grow up exploring the outside world and environment. So I’ll leave you with the question, what is your opinion?




5 thoughts on “Too Much Stress?

  1. Sorry I forgot to post my name: Josie Silvey


  2. I completely agree that at some levels of school such as Junior high or high school have gone too far with the amount of work they give students. It is true that it is necessary to get students prepared for their next level of life in college, however some students can’t achieve to their fullest potential if there is a work overload. It is vital to learn responsibility, but when high school students are asked to complete so much in a little time frame is taking this too far. I personally know that with sports, social life, and school work I didn’t succeed to my fullest potential in high school.

    Ali Danesh


  3. A lot of parents won’t end up as educated as their children. Take my mother for example. She owns a small business and is very successful, but she asks me to spell word for her all the time and she asks me questions about science and literature. She never knew what my homework was, she just told me to do it and I did, but only to an extent. If the amount of work was crazy, I would just ignore it. No way am I doing a bunch of work and I agree that that is the case a lot these days.

    Jensen Harris


  4. I agree that homework can sometimes be a good thing. On the other hand, several high school students are working while trying to balance excessive amounts of homework. I think that maybe an hour or two of homework a night it a good thing but when it comes to 4 or 5 hours a night that is just excessive. High school students go to school for 7 hours a day, coming home should be the relaxing time or going to work after school should not be something over-stressed about because of the homework aspect. I have less homework in college and more time to do it than I ever did in high school. I recall having hours upon hours of homework in high school and the teachers always said, “We are preparing you for what college is going to throw at you.” This didn’t turn out to be the case though. I like this topic a lot and it can definitely be discussed in further detail!
    -Traci Alig


  5. I passively listen to NPR while I drive to and from school and work, so I am full of half truths and mini nuggets of random information. I do remember listening to a segment about a school I believe in Colorado that did away with take home work for grade school students. The featured guest discussed how during all her research, there was no surmountable evidence that additional hours of work made an impactful difference in the cognition of their students. In lieu of homework, the teachers requested that the students spend quality time having dinner, playing and reading for leisure. I thought that was an interesting find and wanted to share. I strongly believe stress is and always will be the catalyst to many illnesses and diseases. Thanks for the good read!


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