Why do we Procrastinate?

Many people procrastinate all the time whether it’s for their job or for school or even for small chores to do around the house. But why does is seem like you always wait until the last minute to get the important things done? Many people do this because they may fear the result of whatever they have to get finished so they keep putting it off until they can’t any longer. Many psychologists say that procrastination is an “avoidance behavior” which means that people do it to try to avoid a certain outcome or situation.

This not only can have an impact on our schoolwork or in our jobs, but it can also have a negative affect on our health. In class we talked about how procrastination can affected our health and be a risk, because by not taking action or delaying action for a health concern can put you at risk for more serious problems in the future. Many people procrastinate with going to the doctor to get something checked out for the same reasons because they are afraid of the potential results. If you go to the doctor as soon as you have a concern you are more likely to catch potential problems early and get them treated faster. This is much more beneficial in terms of your health than it is too wait until you can’t wait any longer.

Instead of focusing on our feelings towards a particular situation, it’s better to think about what the next potential step would be in the process. This would take out the fear in the equation and would help you to not procrastinate as much. If you think about the next steps in the process then you will also be more prepared for what’s to come next. If you think about the real reasons that you procrastinate on certain things, most of the time you probably don’t have that great of a reason. This could help you to get important tasks done sooner and it will also take out some added stress from your life that you get from procrastinating. By changing your attitude and not waiting until the last minute to get things done, there can be a lot of health benefits along with not having the worry of turning something in late or not getting it finished on time.

Jacob Fischer




3 thoughts on “Why do we Procrastinate?

  1. This was super interesting to read because I myself procrastinate. It was interesting to see the phycological ideas behind it. Lauren Reinhard


  2. I completely agree with you on the whole if we don’t procrastinate, then there will be benefits. But this is a common topic that professors have brought up within my college experience and I have found that there may actually be more benefits than what I had ever realized, depending on the person and the reason behind it. Such as, focusing more on the assignment, such as a paper, in order to get the task completed rather than possibly doing a little bit of the assignment here and the rest there. Interesting topic!


  3. The reason I procrastinate so much is because I physically can’t do things until the last minute. Of course that’s not actually true, but when I do homework or anything for that matter, I get the rush to do it right before it’s due. I can’t just sit down and do it right away. That sucks sometimes because if I don’t actually have a deadline, it won’t get done.

    Jensen Harris


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