Why Eating Fat is not Bad

By Ethan Whiteford

An article on the Business Insider website is going over the “demonizing of fat” of recent public health. The nation decided to shift from fats to sugars back in 1967 when a food industry group called the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) bribed three Harvard researchers $6,500 to shift the blame from sugar to fat for causing heart disease. Their final paper was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and from then on set the diet for the US. The article then goes on to say how there was never enough evidence in the first place to curb our consumption of fatty foods. A recent documentary “Fed Up” goes to show this as well.  Fed Up also makes the argument that sugar is much worse than fat in today’s obesity and diabetes epidemic.

This article to me was very interesting. I was always very skeptical of being told not to eat fat-rich foods because it was “bad for me.” There are a few examples of foods that are rich in fat and still healthy for you and also many examples of foods that are fat free which are not particularly healthy for you. One example of the former is the avocado. The avocado is a fruit which is extremely fatty( 21 grams in one cup) but is very rich in vitamins and minerals. No one has ever told me to eat less fruit. On the flip side, for example, we have Coke. Coca Cola has zero fat in it but lots of artificial sugars. According to past US diet, coke should be good for you because it is fat-free when in reality, it is the opposite. The article then links sugary sodas to the increasing obesity and diabetes rates in the US. This article relates to class in that we talked about diabetes and public health last Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Why Eating Fat is not Bad

  1. I’m certainly agree with you on this issue of false and misleading terminology and standards when it comes the food and beverage industry. Every grocery aisle is riddled with fat free this or that. Personally, I buy ” fat free” items with out thinking about it. There is a vast general misconception that if something is fat-free that it must be healthier for the consumer. Coke is a perfect example of where that myth does apply. Thanks for the good read.


  2. Sugar is so overlooked. There is the daily amount of sugar for a woman in ONE CAN of mountain dew. ONE CAN. DAILY AMOUNT. Imagine how much sugar we’re eating outside of that. They add sugar to everything to make it taste better. That’s how we’re addicted to it. We can’t get enough. We’re slaves to the sugar. Great post.

    Jensen Harris


  3. I always think back to when my parents were putting me througha low fat diet, but the food still had a decent amount of sugar in it since it wasn’t nearly as bad as fat. Now that the research finally is coming back into light, fat still is a problem but nowhere near as bad as sugar.
    (Typed while eating oreos)

    Josh Obermeyer


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