rBGH and Beyond by Carly Dovale

In class last week we discussed the case where two reporters for Fox News discovered research that had been hidden from the public about the ill effects of rBGH in dairy products. This story was shocking because it was very clear that the media is extremely invested in personal interest and affairs, mostly involving high salaries in exchange for leaving their audience in the dark about anything and everything that may negatively impact the people writing the checks.
We also briefly discussed the sugar cane industry paying of Harvard research scientist to keep things hush-hush about the connections of sugar to cancer. Its not a new concept whatsoever. These two cases are just a few of most likely hundreds, if not thousands of health-related issues being more about profit than the negative impacts on the people said issues will hurt in the future. As mentioned in some previous blog posts, Cowspiracy is a very informative documentary showing clear connections, over and over again, between certain types of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, etc. and consumption of animal products. Not only are these connections documented and researched multiple times over, but what is also clear is the wide-web of lies and coverups that have kept the truth far away from the public eye. They go into detail in this documentary as well as others I have seen (Forks Over Knives, Vegucated) on how milk keeps osteoporosis at bay due to large amounts of calcium. But in fact, it has been proven that too much calcium (like the amount promoted in milk ads) actually jump starts osteoporosis in women. Media personal has been paid off multiple times to keep this information away from people, specifically because the Milk Industry, FDA, Agricultural Industry, etc. will lose money due to the fact that people don’t want to consume products that cause them harm.
So with all of the lies being told to us and spread like wild fire, someone asked, “Who can we trust?”. The answer will probably always remain unclear, at least until the FDA is either overturned or becomes more interested in public health than personal financial growth. But there are resources out there for people who want an alternative perspective on what is healthy. One well-known author who has written multiple books on what the human diet should really be about is Michael Pollen. He goes into detail about what the human evolution has done in terms of digestion and what our ideal diet should and should not include, as well as what the industry wants us to believe and why we shouldn’t. Another great resource is cookbooks. Books that have an emphasis on plant-based diets, as well as magazines like Vegetarian Cooking and Whole Living share alternative options that are feasible on a weekly basis. You really have to be your own advocate when deciding to care about your health. Its not always easy but knowledge is power and when you have awareness, you know what to look out for.

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research

rBGH & Breast Cancer



3 thoughts on “rBGH and Beyond by Carly Dovale

  1. Do you think the FDA is actually the cause for being paid off? How do you know that the companies that find these issues aren’t the ones being paid off, and then the advertising companies or the ones with the actual product are being blindsided or even being behind the scenes? I would think that an administration like the FDA would be under attack if it was to blame for all of these things being kept secret. That said, I do find it difficult to know who to trust, especially with these studies sometimes only targeting a certain subgroup of the human population. How do we know that the studies done weren’t tested on an animal that doesn’t link up biologically to us and therefore skew the data? There is a lot to consider with scientific journals and studies, but you are right in saying we just have to be careful and look at things with a critical eye.

    Annelise Wilimitis


  2. I see a parallel hushing occurring between our articles. I did my article on the dairy industry. Like the major sugar producers the dairy industry hold secrets for a product to remain sold. Sugar is everywhere and we have always used it and now we are starting to just some of the many reasons cancer is rampant currently. This is a really important topic overall and very interesting.


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