Are You Bias Against LGBT’s in Healthcare?


Have you ever been denied services in healthcare? Have you ever been discriminated by your healthcare provider? Majority of people would answer NO, without even having to think about it. Others may be hesitant to maybe think of a scenario, but more than likely would respond with NO. You are probably wondering why I am even raising this question. Here’s the reasoning behind it. It has been proven that homosexuals are often denied healthcare more than heterosexuals, and homosexuals are more than likely to be discriminated by a healthcare provider versus a heterosexual. Why?


It isn’t surprising that LGBT’s are discriminated in today’s society. But when it comes to health, and health care you would think that healthcare professionals would remain unbiased because their main job is to take care of patients. Patients include anyone who walk through the facility to be treated. Don’t healthcare professionals take and oath? Aren’t they violating that oath when they discriminate against homosexuals? Do they get penalized for discriminating? Bet you know this answer as well, NO! Health care services for homosexuals is not equal nor fair.


“The University of Washington Health Sciences are examining implicit attitudes of health care providers to lesbian women and gay men, and what this could mean for the quality of health care. Their findings appear in the American Journal of Public Health. Overall, researchers found a preference within health care providers for patients that had the same sexual identification. Unsurprisingly, heterosexual health care providers showed moderate to strong implicit preferences for heterosexual patients. Interestingly enough, the same result was found in lesbian and gay health care providers who also displayed both implicit and explicit preferences to treat lesbian and gay patients. Bisexual providers proved to be more indecisive, showing mixed preferences. There were also variations based on the type of health care profession certain participants occupied; for instance, mental health care providers showed the weakest implicit bias for sexual preferences, while nurses had the strongest preference for heterosexual patients over lesbian and gay patients.”

LGBT’s first encounter with someone at their healthcare facility visit more than likely will have a stronger preference for wanting to treat a heterosexual than a homosexual. According to health and Social work over 42% of Transgenders, have reported discrimination while being treated; harassment, physical assault and even denial of treatment. This is a major problem. Denial of treatment and being treated unequally because of sexual orientation is absurd. Many may not see the underlying issue, but just imagine if this was you, what would you do? How would you feel?




Shayla Ford




6 thoughts on “Are You Bias Against LGBT’s in Healthcare?

  1. Good post! Unfortunately is not surprising in the least as we’re a discriminating culture in all aspects, have been, and continue too. We’ll eventually get to the point where we’ll start to provide equal health care and whatnot, but it’ll take us along time as does for many other injustices. This is good to raise awareness but to really combat the issue/problem we have to find out the base problem and work on fixing that or else this kind of thing will continue to manifest.

    Jaiden Deal


  2. This post is not surprising due to the high volume of health disparities in our country. I think people will always have their own opinion towards a specific group of individuals because our perception is our reality unfortunately. I don’t believe it is fair, because as you strongly stated health care professionals have one objective and that is to take care of their patients. I wish our society cared less of what the world thought and just simply did the right thing, but that is easier said than done. Maybe one day well see a difference!


  3. Excellent post, and props to you for bringing up a good point. Discrimination is such an issue with healthcare, obviously the issue you discussed and in addition any variety of discrimination towards patients in the health care industry. Despite taking oaths medical practitioners are still human and that deep rooted belief can rear it’s ugly head. I think it needs to all be about teaching children when they are still young about loving and accepting all types, and that would go a long way in preventing discrimination.


  4. Your post brings about a very important topic that most would not feel comfortable talking about. However, I am so glad that it was brought to your attention because the current inequality in healthcare must come to an end. As American citizens, we all must have access to this basic human right. Whether a doctor has preferences on who he/she decides to treat is out of our control, however, what can be changed is how they act upon these feelings. Each patient need be treated equally. And from my personal viewpoint, I don’t understand at all why someone would be biased on which patients they preferred to treat due to their sexual orientation. This is a big issues but I believe it will be fixed one day.

    Erica Bock


  5. I have also heard about many cases with LGBTQ+ folks, especially for transgender people, of not being accepted or comfortable when going to the doctor. I have heard many of these people discuss “LGBTQ+ – Friendly” physicians to see because the have encounter discrimination because of their identities. Like, the phrase “LGBTQ+ friendly” doctors is ridiculous in the first place. All doctors should be. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office is just one of the many places LGBTQ+ people don’t feel comfortable or welcomed.

    -Chelsea Walters


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