Blog 3
Talking about public health seemed pretty informative last week. I personally enjoyed talking about prescription medication and how each level of an issue can be broken down into respective parties. From what I’ve taken from it, an issue that affects society, say Heroin(or mental disorders); gains attention and demands action. Publicly the drug ravages communities, destroys families and creates crime and violence. Research is done over the aftereffects and Individuals contribute to public health by giving up their time and resources in efforts to educate and strengthen society. if a person or interest group gains favor they might run politically. laws can be put into place over how drugs can be dispensed and prescribed at one time. The cost is also considered, what areas need more attention, what areas can afford a higher asking price for the drug. Last year a governor passed a new law in Kentucky that imposes harsher consequences on dealers of the substance, as well as the increase of substance abuse programs and the addition to the prescription narcan which helps reverse an overdose. Cliniques offering clean needles also started appearing, in an attempt to keep transmitted disease off the streets. A new policy in the law known as “good samaritan”, gives limited immunity to those who report an overdose, in efforts to lower death on account of witness being afraid of arrest.



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