Could a Presidential Candidate have influence on the high vaccine prices?

Pharmaceutical companies are licensed by the government to not just market and distribute our drugs, but also to research and develop new drugs in our health industry. For the common American it is easy to believe that these individuals are less concerned with making money, but more concerned with the health of the general public… wrong… How could one believe that these statements are anything but allegations? I understand this could be difficult to believe because I was once in the same position prior to the knowledge I have now about pharmaceutical companies. Why would these pharmaceutical companies raise the price of a prescription were it is difficult to pay for by an average American? The answer is the benefits of the profit made in the health industry. According to well-known Health author Roxanne Parrott, “Hundreds of billions of dollars in pharmaceutical sales occur annually across the world.” Could this possibly explain why your friend or family member couldn’t afford to pay for their prescription?

In recent news, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton collapsing (fainting) due to her pneumonia has gathered a tremendous amount of spotlight in the media. This is interesting because Clinton has a strong relationship with one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer. Pfizer has been a general donator in the Clinton campaign and with their relationship, Clinton could potentially have the power to have affect on some of the pharmaceutical companies decision-making on their high vaccine costs.

Pneumonia has been a common trend in our world killing many people globally. However, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer manufactures pneumonia’s most common vaccine, “Preyenar 13”. Pfizer like any company in the world has to make a profit, but International medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres states, “In the U.S. the drug costs 450 dollars. In any case, the company is making billions, as is their right as a sovereign legal person with hopes and communicable lung infection reminds uneradicated.” Even with the price reduction countries such as Syria can’t even afford this vaccine at a reduced rate. MSF supposes that Pfizer can afford to reduce the rates of the world’s most profitable vaccine, particularly because the increasing numbers of deaths. If pharmaceutical companies are meant to market and distribute drugs, but also research and develop them what is the reason for Pfilzer making $16 billion dollars over a four year period?

In the eyes of society it can be easy to blink past this situation, unless you are specifically encountering this scenario yourself with a family member or friend. Pharmaceutical companies tend to do whatever it takes to make money from the health industry. What is frightening about the high cost of drugs is that people are dying in countries such as Syria because they can’t afford to purchase the “overpriced” drugs. Although the relationship the Clintons hold with Pfilzer maybe could help reduce the cost of these vaccines. This action would be within her power as President of the United States. As a presidential candidate, focusing on “Global Public Health” and criticizing Pfizer could play a vital role in lowering vaccine prices in the near future.

Ali Danesh


2 thoughts on “Could a Presidential Candidate have influence on the high vaccine prices?

  1. The problem being is that Pfizer is donating money to her campaign so I highly doubt she would go and bash there high prices due to the fear they would stop donating. It would be nice though if someone within the government would stand up to these pharmaceutical companies and start putting regulations on how much they can actually hike up the prices on medications.
    Tony Doll


  2. I agree pharma companies put dollar signs above lives. My blog was inspired by the lecture that spoke of the bovine growth hormone and a curiosity toward the things that are hidden from us. I didn’t catch that coincidental link to Hillary’s campaign process. I would even say that maybe she is sick and whether its pneumonia or not she wanted it to be a thing on people mind from a business standpoint. Very interesting topic.


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