Pandering to People’s Health Concerns

One thing that was discussed in class and in our book was how products are marketed to consumers. It was difficult to come up with a list of items that aren’t advertised as being beneficial to your health, or that have “healthier” alternatives. Even things like alcohol or soda, which most can agree are not healthy for you, advertise “low calorie” or “diet” options regardless of whether these alternatives are actually healthy for you. It seems that the reason for doing this is because that is exactly what many consumers want. Many people in the present day understand that much of what we consume is not healthy for you, but very few remedy this by changing their lifestyles or eating habits. Instead, it is much easier to just purchase the “healthier” version of the products they’ve always used and loved. It gives many people a sense of self-improvement without actually putting in any effort to really improve. This desire for better health but unwillingness to alter our habits hasn’t gone unnoticed by big corporations that realize they can keep their loyal customers by pandering to their concerns. Why switch from soda to water when diet soda is a “healthy” alternative? Why quit drinking beer when you can simply switch to a “light” beer? These products were created and continue to sell because many people are set in their ways, and will take the easiest solution whenever possible. Although it seems like the producers are to blame and are acting dishonestly, I believe the consumers are also to blame. I believe that the solution is for people to become more educated about the actual health effects of the things they consume, and to realize that just because something is a “healthier” alternative, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.


3 thoughts on “Pandering to People’s Health Concerns

  1. As seen many times over if people stop buying certain products the company will change to what the consumers want. It really is hard to blame these big companies for what they are doing because they are really only trying to pander to what the consumers want. Basically all the power is in the consumers hands and if people wanted change they could in act it. But like you said many people are stuck in there old ways and will not change. Hopefully with more education and time people will eventually wake up.
    Tony Doll


  2. We are fully responsible for what happens to us.

    In addition to the health impact of that diet pop, natural cigarette or light beer we just laid out anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 to make our self less healthy, we also made our selves a few dollars poorer. The mindless expenses over a lifetime mean that we will be sicker and have to work longer.

    Since wealthy people are generally healthier than poorer people that diet pop, natural cigarette light beer impacts our health in a hidden, more insidious way.



  3. Hi Michael,

    For you post, add media, a visual, links, etc. to make it even more engaging.


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