Got Milk?

As we saw and discussed in class, we know that there is a lot of shady stuff going on in the dairy industry that they do not want us to know about including a  link to a variety of potentially life-threatening diseases/cancer.  But if we know, or at least some of us know,  why do we still drink and consume dairy products?  We are the only species that consumes milk past infancy/juvenility.  Why is it that humans consider it such a necessity to grow strong and healthy bones?  Why are cheeses and other dairy products such a huge part of our culture?

Here is a video I saw on Facebook a few months ago that I thought was pretty interesting:

Some people say that the milk of cows (generally what most people consume) is basically baby cow growth formula and it is what a baby cow only consumes in order to become, rather rapidly, the huge animal they become.  So why is it, in a society where obesity and its effect, can be  considered an epidemic, still is such a staple in our diet?

A lot of people think that dairy provides us the calcium we need in order to be healthy and grow strong and healthy bones but studies have shown there is really no correlation between milk drinkers and nonmilk drinkers and strength of  bones.  Even so, there are so many other foods that put you at a much smaller risk for disease than milk as discussed in the video.

And do not get me wrong, I love ice cream, mac and cheese, milk chocolate, and all of that other super healthy stuff, but it might be something to think about the next time you sit down with a glass of milk for dinner.

Victoria Obermeyer


4 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. There’s no doubt that dairy is essentially unnecessary. I mean, we can certainly go without it. It also causes cows to be kept alive and contained simply for their milk. This causes air pollution from their excrement and animal abuse. We aren’t really supposed to be eating dairy after breast feeding, but we do because we enjoy it. It stinks that it works that way.


  2. Agreed! I have never been a fan of milk, so it wasn’t too hard for me to get on board with doing away with it. There is so much propaganda around milk and how it is the best source for your daily calcium consumption. You put it perfectly when contrasting how cows milk is literally for fattening and maturing calves into 16,00 pound cow. Why on earth would a human need to drink that?! Not to say that calcium isn’t important, just that it is not the only option.


  3. I LOVE MILK!!! I’ve been drinking milk everyday of my life ever since I came out of the womb. In doing so I have never broken a bone in my life. The calcium that is obtained from drinking milk is so beneficial to me and my athletic career. My mother hates milk and cheese and all dairy products and now has to take supplemental calcium due to weak bones and arthritis.

    Grant Moss


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