Peculiar Effects

By: Allison Johnson


I don’t know what your favorite part about a direct to consume advertisement for prescription drugs is, however mine has always been the way they end. There is a voice that comes from someone I can only imagine to have a world record for lung capacity. With one deep inhalation the race is off to see how fast they can half heartedly annunciate all of the required side effects of said drug being advertised. I’ve always enjoyed catching a few effects and comparing them to the actual issue the drugs is supposed to be “fixing”.

A few of my utmost favorite side effects are amnesia, anal seepage and of course death.

Amnesia.  A silly side effect to me. It is most commonly found in drugs dealing with cholesterol, hypertension, antianxiety, antidepressants and sleeping issues (Ericson). Sleeping aids seem not too far fetched to forget a thing or two, but it sounds a bit goofy how taking medication to regular your cholesterol or blood pressure can effect your memory.

Anal leakage. Anytime I hear this one I pretty much loss it. Most common drugs that cause anal leakage are statins, for yet again cholesterol control. Atorvastatin, a generic form of the well known Lipitor, is an example of the type of drugs to cause this effect. It seems like a high price to pay, when like discussed in class, cholesterol medications have a marginal degree of significance in therapeutic treatment when compared to diet and exercise.

Death. A very steep price to pay for trying to remedy or mitigate a health issue. Drugs can cause fatal heart attacks or strokes, as in the case of Avandia and Actos (Drug). These medications are for patients who suffer from type two diabetes. Another common fatal side effect is suicidal thoughts leading to death, which are almost always the warning after an uplifting commercial about the next new and improved antidepressant. An uncommon drug Accutane, a once leading acne medication (that was pulled of the market in 2009), also had the harsh side effect of suicidal thoughts and tendencies (Drug).

It is always wise to speak with your physician about not only the remarkable benefits of a new drug, but also to have an in-depth conversation about the side effects, your risks and if it’s work it.

Ericson, john.





One thought on “Peculiar Effects

  1. What’s interesting is that Accutane is still available, it’s just under other brand names such as Zenatane, Absorbica, and Claravis. You are absolutely correct that that particular drug (isotretinoin) has very harsh side effects. It is so regulated that patients have to undergo counseling from the doctor, female patients are required to take birth control (isotretinoin is known to cause serious birth defects, sometimes fatal to the fetus), undergo blood tests monthly from the doctor, and they are limited as to when they are able to pick the rx up from the pharmacy. Even though it does work wonders for cystic acne, it’s amazing that it’s still available in some form.

    Amanda Hecker


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