Reason’s to Cry While Eating Ice Cream



No, I am not talking about a breakup, unless you are as obsessed with ice cream as much I am because this full on relationship to dairy thing is apparently one I need to break apart from. “But why do that” you may ask. Maybe I feel like boycotting the dairy industry may make it turn around or maybe there simply isn’t a humane way to mass produce such goods these days but either way its worth the thought when you actually consider some of the facts that are hidden from consumers such as you and me. I didn’t expect it to be an amazing spa resort for the cows but was still shocked at the severity I hadn’t anticipated finding. So we were talking about the bovine growth hormone the media reporters were hushed up about and that made me wonder what else the major organizations were hushed up about within the dairy industry itself. I came across several things most people probably don’t even realize are actually happening.Out of 9 million dairy cows 3 million are slaughtered each year ( . So apparently whenever a dairy cow starts becoming less productive they are at times slaughtered no matter what the age. These cows are being killed at age 4-5 due to being exhausted from conditions and surroundings. Cows can live up to 20 or even 25 years of age so its a pretty dramatic deduction in life span and makes living things feel used up and murdered like we couldn’t find a way to allow them at least more time in life. There are pretty much just seen as a product in the business of course. 90% of their operations are indoor operations and 60% of them live with a chain shortly tethered to their necks (


I read that 97% of dairy calves are forcibly removed from their mothers. The only solution the humane dairy farms see fit to do is to remove the babies within the first hour of birth so no real bond is made in an effort to reduce trauma from the event but still seems like a morally wrong thing to do to a living creature.  Genetic manipulation as well as forced pregnancy’s lead to a cow that apparently produces 12 times more milk than they would  have naturally produced to feed a calf. ( ). So exhaustion of the cow can lead to them being slaughtered at a young age and traumatic experiences are had in the short time they do get. All of the statistics and realities of this corporation never seem to be streaming on the main stream media outlets too often and so it seems they have done well in concealing these harsh realities.  So what should we do boycott it, give it up or, find another way maybe? Here’s a little hope that there is one and maybe someone will see this and post a solution in response that takes a step in the right direction for these creatures and once again ask ourselves if we do or don’t believe in quality of life as a natural right and who receives those rights. Tell me what you think of this silenced reality.

– Tymandra Amburgy-             

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3 thoughts on “Reason’s to Cry While Eating Ice Cream

  1. I really like your little graphics in the beginning, they definitely caught my attention! I also really liked the topic of your essay and how you tied it into what you were talking about. In general, I think you did a really good job at all around grabbing my interest and keeping me reading. Awesome topic!

    Josie Silvey

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  2. I agree that there should be some kind of boycott against the dairy industry for the type of care they give to the cows that they get their milk from. The only issue is that even if given this information, the dairy industry is so large that it would be impossible to boycott it and it be frank, the people would cave in before the companies. We just have to many products that we use everyday that contain some form of dairy. Thats why I believe that the best way would be to have some sort of governmental interference as they could bring issues to the companies faster then a boycott. Overall this is a really good and interesting article.

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  3. Although it is not possible for us to boycott the dairy industry, because we are to dependent on it. But there needs to be more laws and regulations to protect the cows. Whats really upsetting is that the mothers aren’t even allowed to be with their babies for a long period of time, that needs to change. This article will make me think twice about eating ice cream and all other types of dairy.
    Good Job,
    Colleen Wilburn

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