Still Not Cruelty-Free? Nope, Not Wearing.

I would be willing to bet that most women get up in the mornings and slap on their makeup without a single thought to if any animals were harmed in the making of the product. Don’t get me wrong, some women put a lot of thought into this and are very passionate about what brands they will and will not support by buying and wearing. I applaud these women. In reality though, this percent of women that pay attention and keep up with what brands are  cruelty-free is not very high when compared to those who don’t.

Do these well known brand names take advantage of their popularity among women? Are they corrupt in a way that says they have the power and support to continue harming animals just for something so simple as a makeup, skin, or hair product? Take a look at the pictures I have provided and ponder on what my come to mind.. Is it worth it?

These big companies, such as M.A.C and Victoria’s Secret, know that they are able to continue with this practice becuase no matter what they will still be making profit, they are too popular not to. In my own personal opinion I see these companies as corrupt; there are so many other ways of testing products that avoid the harm of innocent animals! But do I still purchase from them? Yes. I won’t lie. I won’t be hypocritical. I am one of those women that just don’t pay attention. But I should.

Animals are a very tender subject for me and I am definitely a mush ball when it comes to the way humans should treat animals. That is why I am deciding to stand up to these makeup brands (and all other skin and hair brands) in support of all 891,161 animals that were locked up and tortured during the year of 2013. All 834,453 in 2014. The list goes on and on. These animals end of with life threatening and life long lasting effects. They live in pain and suffering, scared for each new day. Think of a time you had an extremely painful or irritating rash on your skin, maybe a reaction from something. Was it miserable? Did it drive you crazy that you couldn’t speed up the healing process to get it better sooner? For these precious animals it’s a lifestyle, one they have absolutely no power over. My challenge to you is to maybe look deeper into this, figure out what brands you may use that practice this horrifying experimentation. Try to find an alternative and see if it helps you to feel better knowing you are standing up to animal testing. If this may not be a topic that interest you then I will provide you with a brief summary of some of the most used brands that still test on animals.

They can’t have a voice of their own, speak out for them.



By: Josie Silvey


3 thoughts on “Still Not Cruelty-Free? Nope, Not Wearing.

  1. I didn’t know these large brands were still testing on animals. It’s crazy to see that. Thank you for bringing this up.


  2. This was an interesting point you brought up. It is similar to the advertisement about Chipotle that we did a few weeks ago. We have all these different big companies that do heinous behind the scene work and nobody knows about it because they can’t be bothered to look up the information or they don’t know where to find the facts. As always its a mentality of out of sight, out of mind.


  3. Those pictures are so sad to see but they need to be seen to put a stop to this inhumane punishment of animals just for beauty products. Awesome topic!


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