Women Need Information on Family Planning in Developing Countries


Setting into context, this article is a story about a woman who visited a hospital in a undeveloped country. “Last month, Stembile Mugore, visited a hospital in Togo, where she met a 24-year-old woman who had just given birth to her fifth child”. She had then learned that the mother’s labor had been difficult and she did not want to become pregnant again in the near future and did not have any idea of how to prevent it. This woman of now five children had never heard of the term, “family planning”. Family planning, is the practice of controlling the number of children in a family and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of artificial contraception of voluntary sterilization.

This woman is not the only woman who does not know about family planning and the options behind it. There are 867 million women living in the developing countries who want to avoid becoming pregnant and 222 million of them have unmet their contraceptive needs. As most of us know, supply chains do not extend to the remote rural areas in these developing countries. It is sad to know here in America, woman have so many choices to help them prevent pregnancies, have the aid to help them go to doctors when they need more information about their bodies. IntraHealth International is an organization that is trying to spread the word of “family planning” to these women in need. Along with the misinformation on what the definition is, on how to use contraception and the lack of having this information is all put to rest in countries that are touched by this organization.

The number one contraception that is being used in third world countries is, what we call in the United States “the shot” but the technical term is the dose of Depo-Provera shot. It is currently being used in 11 countries, and its considered the biggest game changer in developing countries. With this movement woman are understanding that they can prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Family planning is something that needs to be more of a movement in developing countries and they are doing ground breaking work.

“Woman should know that family planning is an human rights issue and we need to have the movement be bigger to bring governments together, bring partners together to raise the issues to the families that are not getting their needs met… How many women that have unlanned pregnancy will die because of that? There should be a movement all over the world”. I found this quote at the end of the source where I found this article. I wish more organization spent the time, money and effort to inform a woman of what she has as options to prevent unplanned pregnancies and to be informed on how to plan a family the safe way.





4 thoughts on “Women Need Information on Family Planning in Developing Countries

  1. Great post. I think that this might be the cause of overpopulation as well. People around the world are having too many children, especially in developing countries. Some people know about contraceptives and some do not. It’s truly a tragedy that people have so many children that they aren’t prepared for.


  2. Hi Madison,

    Make sure you are making 3 comments rather than just 1.



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